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Happy Jumping Jack
Draw a short animation, then save it as image sequence and use VirtualDub to convert it to Animated Gif or AVI and more formats

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Selecting and cropping!

If there's much unused white space and you want to crop the animation to keep just the central part, use the Alpha selection tools like rectangle selection tool.
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Resize the document window, e.g. grab one of its corners and drag it to make the window larger. This will let you start your selection from the outside of the actual  image.
Select the desired, rectangular region. Make sure to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to scrub through the images so that none of the images will have parts of it fall outside of your rectangular selection.

For example, perhaps it is frame #4 which has the left-most graphic, but frame #10 showing the smiley face more to the right.

< click to enlarge
Ok, now that we have the selection in place and showing as marching nats in the alpha channel, crop to it.

menu:  Buffer >Crop selection
Save that cropped version as image sequence too.

Then try different sizings. Use

menu: Buffer > Resample...

and select a smaller or larger size as desired.
Check the "Constrain" checkbox, so you can change just one value, such as the Width, and see the Height change automatically to keep the same aspect ratio and avoid distortions.

Unless of course you do want to flatten or tighten the image along the way.
If there's a new alpha mask selection showing after resampling, just clear it

menu: Alpha > Clear alpha    (Control-D on PD Pro)
Save the animation sequence again. Be sure to indicate in the filename what the new parameters are, such as the new dimensions 160x120 in this example.
You can later load a prior saved image sequence very easily. Click

menu:  Animation > Load sequence...

and open the first frame of the desired saved sequence.

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5