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Happy Jumping Jack
Draw a short animation, then save it as image sequence and use VirtualDub to convert it to Animated Gif or AVI and more formats

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Using VirtualDub for further output formats

Next, switch to Virtual dub. We're going to use it to convert the image sequence of the saved animation. Several other formats might interest you: Animated Gif, and AVI (with many different compression codecs)


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In VirtualDub, select

menu:  File > Open video file...    (Ctrl+O)
Switch the filetype to Image sequence.

It includes support for several image formats, suchn as Jpeg and Png. It also supports Targa (*.tga), produced by Project Dogwaffle.

If you want to navigate through folders in thumbnail view mode and see the thumbnails of the Targa images, notice that Windows doesn't have that feature built-in, but you can find a free plugin called Thumb-plug TGA from Greggman. See it here: 3rdpartyplugins  and look for THUMB PLUG TGA
Select the first frame of the sequence. VirtualDub will rab this and the remaining frames.
Click Open to load it.
Now you see the two familiar view (original anim, and after processing if any filters are applied)
Saving in another format:

menu: File > Export > ....

shows several options: select Animated GIF...

Specify the destination filename, and a parameter for how to play it: Play once, loop endlessly or just a few times.
Getting started with Digital
Painting on a slim budget:

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part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
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