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Happy Jumping Jack
Draw a short animation, then save it as image sequence and use VirtualDub to convert it to Animated Gif or AVI and more formats

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Saving to AVI file

Another option in VirtualDub is of course to save as AVI file. Before you do, you'll want to select the desired codec.

first, select
menu: Video > Full processing mode

and then
menu:  Video > Compression

You might also want to make sure that no audio channel is added. Look in Audio menu. Or you could use that in fact to add an audio track, perhaps sound effects .
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Then save the animation as AVI file:

menu: File > Save as AVI...   (F7)

Indicate the file name and click Save. Done!

Converting Targa image sequence to another format

You can also use VirtualDub to convert the image sequence from Dogwaffle's Targa to another format, such as Jpeg or Png.

This is particularly nice for users of the free version of Project Dogwaffle, where image sequences are saved only as Targa images.

If you need other image formats you can also use Irfanview, another excellent, very fast and versatile and above all free image viewer with great  batch conversion capabilities.
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If you do the conversion in VirtualDub, choose one of the listed formats:


and possibly some of their  associated options such as compression quality for Jpeg.

And that's it. You can now go and be very creative, by creating some very cool animations and offer them in your emails as animated gif attachments or on a website and many other places. And you used tools which are completely free. Woohoo!

Of course if you use PD Pro or others you may also see additional features in the animation toolbar, such as the light table (aka Onionskin) which shows the prior 2 and next two frames blended automatically, without the need to also copy images frame by frame to the Swap buffer. This will let you work much faster and efficiently of course.

See other tutorials for various versions of Dogwaffle including PD Particles and PD Artist  here, here, here, here and here

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5