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Royalty-Free Animations,
Looping Textures & Videos

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redefining the meaning of window-shopping on a Mac

Here are some animations, looping textures and video clips which are available for use in your projects, royalty free! We just ask that you tell us about your project if you use any of these clips. Just so we can be proud ;-)

Tell us about your Powerpoint presentations or video clips where our clips are used too. Share your experience with other Dogwafflers, join the dogwaffle forum at Tell us about your digital life and how it is powered by Project Dogwaffle... we're always looking for something cool to share with others in the Dogwaffler of the Moment.

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Abstract Art

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Animated Skies - created with PD Pro 4.1

Quicktime, mpeg4 (tiny, 361 KB)
Quicktime, H.263 (small, 5.6 MB)

AVI, Indeo video 5 (small, 6.3 MB)

Large (720x480 pixels, 30 MB) - on CGshare

Displacement Map: Rising Air or Fluids Displacement

Use this animation to add an effect on a video clip as if there's turbulent hot air rising, or some fluid flux (in any direction if you rotate it). Learn how to use this: a tutorial on animated swap for rising hot air effect as post work

If you want to use it, download this AVI version (622 KB)
You will need to use PD Pro to convert this AVI to a .dwa (Dogwaffle animation) file and then use it  as animated swap buffer source in the Timeline.

More crazy loops here:

       abstract and animated textures 

and even more coming soon....