cool tools for happy artistsMod Dog

a mod music player for Project Dogwaffle,
by Dan Ritchie, and powered by MedSoundStudio


This plugin by Dan Ritchie plays mod music files (*.mod, *.med) dating back to the old Amiga days. It was developed with a runtime library (medpdl.dll) courtesy of  MedSoundStudio

Now you can play your favorite musical mods to find the inspiration while waffling!

Installation Notes:

Download the ZIP archive file: - 140 KB (144,000 bytes)
The zip file contains three files:
  • the player as a 'Misc' plugin for Project Dogwaffle: ModDogPlayer_pm.exe - 54.5 KB (55,808 bytes)
  • new!  a 'round' version ModDogPlayer_round_pm.exe - 73.0 KB (74,752 bytes)
  • the runtime library by MedSoundStudio: medpdll.dll - 204 KB (208,896 bytes)
 Simply extract the two files into the folder which contains your Dogwaffle installation. The file ModDogPlayer_pm.exe will then appear in the plugin window under the 'Misc' tab.

There is now also a round version which stays on top even if you minimize Dogwaffle's main window.

Either one of these can be launched automatically during startup of Dogwaffle, from the File>Prefs... area.

Using the Plugins

Run the plugin from the plugin tab. This mod player should work with most recent versions of Project Dogwaffle, both freeware and commercial.

Sample Mods

Sample mods can be found here:
Do a google search for additional mods.

Can't find the one you're looking for? Make your own mods - try MedSoundStudio for free (10-day trial)