Reverse Animation Sequence!

A Free Plugin for Project Dogwaffle 2, by Don Felipe
Dec. 6, 2004 - rev 1.0


This is a plugin for use with Project Dogwaffle 2. It is still under development, and made available for free, as is, with no guarantees whatsoever. Use at your own risk. If you find a problem please report it on the Dogwaffle forum at

This plugin reverses the animation currently loaded. For example, if you load an AVI file or make an animation from scratch, then you can reverse the play sequence: what used to be the first frame becomes the last frame, and vice-versa.

You should have an animation loaded in Dogwaffle.
  1. Open the plugins control panel (shortcut: 'k').
  2. select the Misc. tab
  3. double-click the 'dfp_video_reverse_pm.exe' entry, or single-click to select it and click 'Execute'
The plugin's controls will appear:

Reverse it! ... changes the frame sequence of the animation, so that the first frame becomes the last and vice-versa. The process is quite visual, as you see the frames being swapped back and forth.

Play ... starts playing the current animation. Use this after you've reversed the animation to check it.

Stop ... stops the animation.

Frame Width and Height ... are displayed for your convenience.

Number of Frames ... shown also for your convenience and to verify that you have it right.

Done ... click this to quit the plugin.

In order to use this plugin you must have the Microsoft .net framework installed on your system. As of this writing that's version 1.1 and you can determine easily if it is already installed on your system. Follow the instructions here. Or use Windows Update

Quit Dogwaffle before adding this plugin. Then download the file from the link given below. Right-click to save the link target. It's a zip file containing the plugin's executable. Extract (unzip) the plugin from it and place it into the folder where your project Dogwaffle is installed. This normally is "C:\Program Files\project dogwaffle" but may be different in your case.

File:    dfp_video_reverse_pm.exe
size:     36 kb  (exact size:  36,864 bytes)
download: (zipped, 8 kb)

Restart Dogwaffle. Use 'k' to view the plugins panel, select the Misc. tab to see the new plugin there.

Known Problems:
  • The plugin panel doesn't appear to stay 'on top' of the main Dogwaffle window, so if you click any Dogwaffle window or menu, the plugin will disappear. It is still running, and you can bring it back with 'Alt-Tab'. Also, it doesn't seem to hurt if you run a second or multiple instances of the plugin. (but it will use memory and system resources of course).
  • The code hasn't been fully optimized yet. It might run faster when recompiling with optimizations flags turned on. Some testing is still needed though.

The plugin as seen in the Misc. category of the plugins panel.

the plugin's controls

(Flash 6 (MX) player or better needed)

clip1: Original animation:

clip1_rev: Reversed animation