The Sepia Filter Plugin

This is a zip file containing a free plugin for project Dogwaffle. It adds a Sepia filter effect.
  1. Download the zip file -  (4 kb)
  2. open the zip file, extract the file Sepia_pf.exe from it (size = 10,240 bytes)
  3. copy the file into the folder where your project Dogwaffle is installed. For example in "C:\Program Files\project dogwaffle"
How to use it
  1. (re)start Dogwaffle. open your favorite color image or make something colorful
  2. the Sepia filter will be accessible in the Plugins panel. Select Menu:  Filter>Filter Plugins
  3. another way to reach the plugins panel is the keyboard shortcut:  "k" and selecting the Filters tab.
  4. The Sepia filter will appear at near the bottom of the list of plugins. Double-click it, or click-and-Execute

Here's an example: