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The Monster Within

don't be afraid of the monster, but be very aware of the monster within him

the monster

original Sea King by Simon deRivaz - Curvy 3D

Tutorial 7

Nature painting and 3D landscapes

createdby Dan Ritchie

Painting by Dan Ritchie -

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Little Sparrow
copyright 2007 Attila Kohl - No unauthorized reproduction or use permitted

"My First PD Pro Painting"  -Attila

Getting started with Digital
Art on a tight budget?

PD Artist
Draw, Sketch & Paint
powered by Project Dogwaffle

Bug Girl
copyright 2007 Dan Ritchie. - No unauthorized reproduction or use permitted

bug girl

Return to Stonehenge

Here's a little musical project by Dj D'Artagnan, where traditional old instruments like fiddles and guitars are put to work with 21-st-centure electronica and trance.

Visit "Back to Stonehenge" to listen to the music and see more illustrations


"The First Day"

"Today is the First Day"

Music by Dj D'Artagnan, aka John Somnitz as featured at the 2006 Winter Olympic festivities in Turin, Italy - cover design by Philip Staiger, powered by Project Dogwaffle
Playplay the sound!
Dj D'Artagnan's AEoN
                                            music CD - Today is the
                                            First Day

5,000,000,000 years ago, in a dead, futureless quadrant of the galaxy, rocks and
 chunks of ice drifting aimlessly, afloat in the vacuum of endless silence....

let there be Life - a split-second decision?

    Was it a Godly decision, a heavenly lightning that struck this region of the Milky Way, saturated with interstellar dust and water ice, floating aimlessly in space?  Or was it 'just' fate, Dr. Murphy reminding the universe that "if anything can go wrong, it will..." or in plain lingo, "shit happens" - quantum physics building up to such levels of electrostatic tension that even the sheer vacuum of space and void could not stop it, could not prevent the flux and sudden discharge of life-promoting energy, ice-melting warmth, could not  avoid the rock-crushing and gravity-defying momentum,  interrupting a futureless status-quo, triggering something new, something big, something potentially promising?

  Whatever caused it,... in this quadrant of the galaxy, as a result of a split-second decision or from the essence of cataclysmic mishaps - Life has suddenly begun. And even if Life can only exist with its counterpart, Death, we are so blessed to see it, hear it, feel it, experience it, share it. So even if God had nothing to do with it at first, we're still so lucky she decided to manage the project.... if not for any other reason than to contemplate and enjoy the show.

let teh games

Dedicated to the 2006 Winter Olympics, Turin/Italy and
Dj D'Artagnan's "Today is The First Day"

Variation on the above theme - The First Day, Step 2  (with Popcorn)

The First Day (with Popcorn)

...::: Earlier Pictures :::...

"non-Picasso Red and Blue"
non-Picasso Red and Blue
(c) 2006 Philip Staiger

done in less than 20 seconds while waiting for a new distributor at the car mechanic :-)

Fast 3D sketching, colormap, bumpmap and displacement map painting and digital & sculpting:
Curvy 3D
the fun & intuitive way to sculpt!'s not modeling, it's better:
It's liberal sculpting!
Great for Fantasy Art, Concept Art & 3D Design, making 3D props, ...

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                          Duerr lonely tree

"Lonely Tree"

copyright 2006 Martin Duerr