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Flashback in time!

Wow, it's sure been a while since we posted these first tutorials. (Dogwaffle v1.11b)

Here are some tutorials, some with activities and projects
Making a special Valentines card.

Other project ideas


Wet Paint & Paper texture:
Here's a quick and easy attempt at turning a photo into something looking remotely like it's been painted with a brush of short bristles and wet paint dripping down. We simply used the Brush strokes filter to add something that looks like strokes from a short-hair brush. Then we used a filter which makes it look like dripping down due to wet paint and gravity. Here's how:
  • open image 
  • buffer > Greyscale ...
  • buffer > inverted (optional)
  • buffer > dynamic range (force white to black)
  • filter > artistic > brush strokes
  • filter > artistic > wet paint
  • filter > sharpen ...
  • filter > convolve > emboss
  • filter > artistic > apply paper
Another look at this, step-by-step, here

Zoom Blur:
What does a killer-bee see when it goes ballistic? Here's a snapshot just 1/10th of a second before impact. Ouch!

Here's how...

  • open the image
  • filter > blur > zoom blur

Motion Blur:
The Motion blur filter - if you took a perfect crisp shot but need it to look like it was taken while in motion, cuz you're da cool dude in yer new spaceship driving at the speed of light (or close the sound barrier anyway :-)

here's how...

  • open the image
  • filter > blur > motion blur

Here's an idea for a kid's activity / project with your pet:

Take a picture of your pet or a zoo animal (sometimes the distinction is difficult to make) and put it in a different habitat. The optipustics system (particle tracing) can create nice grass, brush, broccoli and other foliage effects. More effects include bubbles and leaves and much more since you can define your own brushes.

This is great also for making custom calendars from family photos. 

here's how:

  • window > optipustics (or window>panels>optipustics)
  • check: enabled
  • > Settings > dogwillow.opt

Nature Scene #1
  • Use a Watecolor brushes (sponge, water blending...)for soft/diffuse background colors
  • Filter > Artistic > Brush strokes  for grass looks in mid range field (green)
  • more diffuse / smearing paint in background to blur
  • optipustics for grass and bush in front
For picture at left, add this:
  • Filter > Render > Radiant for sun with lens flares
  • Buffer > Greyscale