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Labor Day Weekend

  Prepare for the Webinar Sept 14

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    Labor Day Weekend

Monday Sept 2 is Labor Day in the US. Perfect time to paint and render something. Have you tried the new brushes yet? Discovered the new medias?

PD Howler 2020 and PD Artist 2020 are on sale for just a few more days. But if you have an earlier version, you know you can request a discount coupon to upgrade to the latest. Just contact us.

Order here:

Plus, if you missed the intro special, don't despair - the next promotion is just around the corner: a Free Webinar at Digital Art Live. You can get 25% off and even 55% off when you register for the webinar, to receive special content too.

The 25% off is open to all, by using this code between Sept 7 through 22:    DALFREE25OFF


 Free Webinar at Digital Art Live

It will be September 14 Saturday. Check details here:

Register as a paid attendee to receive a recording, extra materials and samples, and an even better discount: 55% off.


Digital Art Contest - Memories from your Summer Vacation?

Another reminder: you could win a copy of PD Howler 2020, or other great prized. Don't forget to submit your artwork for fun, fame and recognition. Sponsors include the host/organizer, Pixarra, maker of Twistedbrush and related tools, as well as with PD Howler/PD Artist.... and also Aartformgames, maker of Curvy3D!. Have you seen the newest Curvy? Breathtakingly amazing!

Keep an eye on the Art competition here:
and here:




    New Tutorials & Videos


    Here are some new Videos and Tutorials

We've mentioned that Howler 2020 has a lot of focus on new brushes. There was a fairly major overhaul of the brush system, and we've been adding new presets in the Media browser that bear testimony to this renewed focus on painting with new brushes.

We also want to emphasize that you can easily create your own media, save them, re-use them. A media is essentially a brush image plus a bunch of parameters that control the visual appearance, such as fading, random positioning, scale or rotation, changes in gue, saturation, etc... and even some post processing effects such as pigment lifting and drop shadow.

Here are some tutorials that show how to make your own custom brushes and save them as media:

Creating Media - part 1

Creating Media - part 2

Explore Media - painting with new brushes in Dogwaffle 2020

Landscape Tutorials

Here are a few links to tutorials that treat you to making various kinds of landscapes


  Test Render of work in progress - A simple crater, seen in 3D Designer, with erosion and sediments, and added simple coloring based on slope and elevation


  Here are simple elevation maps and texture maps.

Join the webinar September 14 at Digital Art Live to see much more. We'll add a lot more detail to the texture map, and improve the heighmap too.

Here's an example of a rendering with Puppy Ray GPU, in which the texture map also carries stratified coloring.

In the webinar, you'll see how to create this or similar scenes, and then take it a step further: how to animate. Fly through it, see the water animate, etc...

more renderings:

Looking for more inspiration for other types of impact craters?   Check these tutorials and have a cup of coffee!   

See more mages in the Slideshow - Wow!

 Thanks again for waffling and howling! Team Dogwaffle

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