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Pixelan's AnyFX for PD Pro 8
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Hello again.  Here's a new edition of our newsletter, this time with news about a 3rd-party plugin for PD Pro 8 called AnyFX PD made by Pixelan, and a sneak preview of PD Pro 8.1. Oh and a bunch of new tutorials and a music / video project.


Pixelan's AnyFX for PD 8

Through the month of September and October, we are running a special promotion with Pixelan. This is a company that makes plugins for various popular and high-end video and image editing programs, such as Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Vegas Video and more. See their complete lineup of tools at Pixelan's website:

One of their product lines is called AnyFX. It contains numerous filters and creative tools to modify both still images as well as animated sequences (video). For example, it includes awesome Rain and Snow filters. The main website for AnyFX is:

As you can see, the official price for AnyFX for PD is $24. They may be running a promotion at $19 on their ordering shopping basket. But if you order PD Pro 8 from us, you can have it for free. Plus, they may also send you discount offers to save on orders for AnyFX or other tools they make that work on other popular video editing and image tools, should you be interested.

As mentioned, AnyFX is available for PD Pro 8 (and some earlier versions). In fact, it has been included as one of the tools with the Cool Creative Bundle (CCB) (  If you have never heard about the CCB, read more here:  -  it now includes PD Pro 5.1b!

To celebrate this new release of AnyFX for PD8, we're offering you a free copy of AnyFX for PD if you order PD Pro 8 (Artist or Howler edition) from us directly between September 1st and October 31st. Learn more about this promotion here:

Installation Video and getting started:

Here is a video that shows how to install and start using AnyFX for PD:


(adding rain or snow flurries with Pixelan's AnyFX for PD)
If you do get to use AnyFX with PD, please don't be shy, show us what you're doing, post samples on the forums.

More Tutorials

There are again a few more tutorials here:

Here are recent additions:

Lens Flares and Halos:

(adding animated glows and lens flares to a 3D animation)

PD Artist 8 Installation and Getting Started

Photographic enhancement

Toned Canvas (the lost acorn tutorial)

Techno Textures

If you like any of these, please mention or repost them on your Facebook and other social media.
A little tweet can go a long way :-)


"Oh Sassy!"

PD Pro 8.1 is coming!

We're putting the finishing touches on version 8.1, which will be a free update for users of 8.0.

oh sassy! Dogwaffle 8.1 is coming

You can read what's going to change or what's new in 8.1 here:

Here are just the first 5 points: (there are many many more)

  • The quicker color picker (activated by pressing the space bar) now has a quick media bin where you can quickly store a couple of medias for rapidly switching back and forth.
  • There's a new tool to alter the pressure to your comfort level when using a stylus device (graphic tablet) such as a wacom tablet.  No more sore wrists because of having to press too hard. No more frustration because of having it be too sensitive. Easily re-calibrate the sensitivity right inside the application, anytime you want to change it.
  • The toolbar now operates in a sidebar instead of a floating panel by default.  You can still also float it at any time.  The toolbar now defaults to single column if it fits and automatically adjusts to double-column otherwise (such as when you have a very low resolution screen).
  • The layers panel is now sizable on the sidebar.
  • There is a New noise removal tool.  The 'Iterative median' filter has been repurposed from the convolution menu into a full iterative noise-reduction filter, and now lives in the noise menu. This may be great for camera pictures in low lighting or high film ASA setting, and other scenarios. Note: 'iterative median' was originaly an academic 'proof of concept' to prove that an iterative median isn't all that beneficial.  A threshold box/tent filter is now employed by default, which is great at removing low amplitude noise.

Keep an eye on that above-mentioned link, you may want to bookmark it. We'll be adding screenshots, samples and more. You may already have seen some of the new interface features in some of the recent tutorials.


3D Mountain Fly-throughs

The Carrara, Dogwaffle and JLS Music Project

You may have seen some new animations in our YouTube channel, which show videos of mountain scenes. We're using Carrara, one of our favorite 3D applications, to create and render 3D scenes of mountains and foliage and skies. We're also occasionally adding post FX with Dogwaffle, and there will be more wafflinf and holing over time, including AnyFX for PD.

We're flying the camera through all this, and assembling various such rendered clips in Power Director, a great video editing tool. We're then adding a soundtrack with music from JLS - Jose Luis Suazo. Jose is a musician in Honduras, and we're creating these videos to help him with his live concert appearances. If you're able to attend one of his concerts, you may see these videos there on bigscreen.

Here are two we've completed so far, more are coming:

Raven Hunter - Cazzador del Cuervo


Look for more to come in our youtube channel here:

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