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Press Release - for Immediate Release

Dan Ritchie Announces new Tutorial Collection, The Art of Project Dogwaffle

Santa Clarita, CA - November 11, 2004 - Dan Ritchie, author of
the award winning paint and animation software "Project Dogwaffle",
has announced the immediate availability of a new tutorial collection,
called "The Art of Project Dogwaffle".

"Many artists of all walks of life are interested in learning new
techniques for dabbling with paint, for sketching, for animating",
said Ritchie.  "I thought it would be both helpful and fun to put
together a set of tutorials to that effect. Rather than focusing
on the tools and capabilities in the program itself, I wanted to
show the capabilities that are within you, the artist."

The Art of Project Dogwaffle is the second tutorial collection by
Dan Ritchie, after the first "Discovering Project Dogwaffle" came
out earlier this year. The new collection covers topics like:

- Basics of Drawing
- Fundamentals of Perspective
- Combining Pen and Ink
- Glazing
- Cloth drawing with pastels
- Painting techniques (texturing) for nature scenes
- Water Reflections
- Drawing the Self-Portrait
- Traditional 2D animation

In all there are 31 AVI files with video capture and audio.

More information, screenshots, sample previews and pricing are
available at

About Project Dogwaffle:
Project Dogwaffle is an award-winning and affordable paint program
made for PC with natural media, custom brushes with animated fractal
particle dynamics, unlimited layers, onion skins for traditional
animation, advanced lens flare system and many other special effects
filters used for stills or post work on film and animations.

About Ritchie:
Ritchie is an animator and special FX artist who has developed
Project Dogwaffle over the last 7+ years for his own needs and work.
At Foundation Imaging he worked on 3D and special FX, and has most
recently worked on Star Trek Borg Invasion.  He also wrote a
novel, Silver Squirrel, which has been met by excellent reviews. 
Find out more at

About TheBest3D:
Philip Staiger  is the manager of, an authorized reseller
of Project Dogwaffle. Philip works with Dan on many facets of marketing
Project Dogwaffle.  For details visit

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