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Press Release - for Immediate Release  

PD Pro Digital Painter Demo version 3.1 and new Plugin doggybag #3

Spherize plugin released for free version, PD Help documentation updated

Santa Clarita, CA  April 26, 2005 - Dan Ritchie, author of PD Pro Digital
Painter, today announced the availability of the demo version for version 3.1.

"Even with our low prices for PD Pro, professional artists and hobbyists
alike demand to try before buying,", said Ritchie. "We are very sensitive
to the needs of our clients, and we hope that this new demo version will
satisfy the need to explore and test the new features before
committing hard earned money."

In addition to the new demo version, a new plugin (Spherize) was made available
to the users of the free version of Project Dogwaffle 1.2. The Spherize
plugin is particularly useful to make planetary bodies with lighting effects
for space art. A new tutorial was also announced, showing the use of the
powerful Spherize tool.

"While we put a lot of effort in making PD Pro the best ever painting software
for PC available at very low cost, we also want to continue supporting the users
of the free version 1.2 who cannot afford the commercial versions.", said Ritchie.
"The release of this Spherize plugin through doggybag #3 is part of that
commitment I made to give something back and support the artistic community."

Dan Also announced an update to the online help files, PD Help. It contains
many valuable tips and ideas for painting and animating with PD Pro.

*** Availability

The Demo version of PD Pro 3.1 is available for free download here:

The Spherize plugin with doggybag #3 is available for free download here:

The tutorial showing how to use Spherize for making planets and space art is here:

The updated online help is available for free viewing or downloading here:

*** About Dan Ritchie and PD Pro Digital Painter

Dan Ritchie lives in Southern California and is the author of a novel,
"Silver Squirrel". He is also a 3D animator and special FX artist. PD Pro
and Project Dogwaffle are the results of several years of software development
to make his own post-production tool for matte painting, touch up and more.
For details about Dan's work, visit


*** About

Based in San Diego, California, is partnered with Dan Ritchie
to market Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro Digital Painter. It is the website
host for many resources including patches, galleries, brushes and reviews.

*** Media Contacts

Philip Staiger
email: dogwaffle (at) thebest3d (dot) com 
phone:  +1-858-208-7377

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