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Press Release - for Immediate Release   

New Art Creation Plugin, Gertrudis for Project Dogwaffle

Software turns your digital photos into artistic paintings and hand sketches.

Santa Clarita, CA  and Buenos Aires, Argentina - May 3rd, 2005 - Dan Ritchie, author of PD Pro Digital Painter, and Enrique Nieloud, developer of Getrudis art effects software, jointly announced the availability of Gertrudis for Dogwaffle, a plugin aimed at enhancing Project Dogwaffle's artistic capabilities.

"We're very excited about this," said Ritchie. "Gertrudis is a fantastic effects tool which easily turns a photograph into what looks like hand-made drawings. It fits in very well with the core mission of Project Dogwaffle, which is to equip every artist with affordable and easy-to-use PC paint and traditional animation software."

This marks the first time in the history of Project Dogwaffle that an external developer has ported and released their own software in the form of a commercially available plugin for Project Dogwaffle. It shows the ease of use of the free Dogwaffle SDK for programmers who are interested in making their software available in the form of plugins. This particular plugin was built with Delphi, demonstrating the flexibility of the software architecture where Dogwaffle is an active X server and pretty much anything that's COM-enabled can connect to it.

"The plugin port to Project Dogwaffle was done in just a few weeks", said Nieloud. "Their SDK is well documented and easy to use. I am very pleased with offering Gertrudis to the community of PD Pro 3 users as well as users of earlier versions of Project Dogwaffle, even the free version 1.2! This is absolutely an astonishing piece of software and a great fit for Gertrudis."

Using the Gertrudis for Dogwaffle plugin, artists can start with an existing picture such as from a digital camera or scanner, a 3D rendering or painting from another program or image editing application. Gertrudis first performs a topological analysis of the image's content and builds a matrix of flow direction vectors. Users can then paint a few quick strokes across the desired features of their image. Gertrudis uses all that information to generate  something that looks more like hand-drawn masterpieces.

After returning the modified image from Gertrudis back to Dogwaffle, there are many more filters and possibilities awaiting creative exploration, such as wet paint, embossing, shadow drop, light diffusion, brush strokes and paper textures to name just a few. These can be used to create even more realistic looking artwork. Of course, artists will also enjoy the ability to directly paint on top of the image with a mix of various types of Dogwaffle's famous natural media brushes and fractal particle brushes (Optipustics).

*** Examples of Gertrudis & Dogwaffle creations

Here are a few examples of artwork created with Project Dogwaffle and Gertrudis

A basic tutorial can be found here:

*** Pricing & Availability

Gertrudis for Dogwaffle is available for Windows(R) 98 SE, Me, 2000 and XP platforms. The following versions of Project Dogwaffle are supported with it: 

- v1.2 (the free version)
- v1.6
- v2.1x
- v3.0 and 3.1  (PD Pro)

It is available for sale at  and at for around $34.00 USD

*** About Enrique Nieloud and Gertrudis

Enrique Nieloud lives in Argentina and is the developer of Gertrudis. His website and contact info is at - Gertrudis is an application that transforms images into strokes based illustrations. The results can be saved as a bitmap image (jpeg, bmp) or stroke by stroke in a vectorial form as a high quality Postscript, allowing other programs to import the drawing.

*** About Dan Ritchie and PD Pro Digital Painter

Dan Ritchie lives in Southern California and is the author of a novel, "Silver Squirrel". He is also a 3D animator and special FX artist. PD Pro and Project Dogwaffle are the results of several years years of software development to make his own post-production tool for matte painting, touch up and more. For details about Dan's work, visit

*** About

Based in San Diego, California, is partnered with Dan Ritchie to market Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro Digital Painter. It is the website host for many resources including patches, galleries, brushes and reviews.

*** Media Contacts

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