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Press Release - for Immediate Release   

Title: announces Dan Ritchie's PD Pro Digital Painter 3.2

Dan Ritchie releases another update with significant speed increase and new features. Some filters turned realtime.

Santa Clarita, California  June 24, 2005 - Dan Ritchie, author of PD Pro Digital Painter and Project Dogwaffle Paint and Animation software, has released a new update patch for users of PD Pro 3.x.

Version 3.2 contains new speed optimizations for built-in brushes, as well as faster interactive panning and zooming for working on large projects.

"The main goal of this release is to deliver on the promise of realtime performance.", said Ritchie. "The update is a broad one, with code throughout the application receiving speed optimizations."

The undo system, screen refresh and alpha blending, as well as dozens of individual features have been updated or completely re-written. In one case, a filter (the color replacer) was rewritten 5 times before it was fast enouph. Many filters are being 'realtimed' in this manner. The brush system feels much faster too with most built-in brushes.

*** Some of the New Features

- Added a halftone filter, realtimed and integrated it
- new gain control for the brightness of particle brishes.
- Caps lock now switches to secondary color (erase)
- Windows snapping makes it easier to lay out panels
- Added mouse wheel support for zooming
- Home key as shortcut to center the image
- A menu item is created if Martin Writes multi-print plugin is installed
- The Mosaic and Quilt plugins are integrated and realtimed
- many features may experience speedups, including plasma noise, bumpytoy, etc.
- Added 'Old Film look' filter in the timeline editor.
- Added a couple of new papers textures
- You can also save animated brushes in the media manager

Many more improvements and a few bug fixes are listed here:

*** Pricing & Availability

The 3.2 update is a free patch for those using PD Pro 3.0 or 3.1

It can be downloaded from

PD Pro Digital painter 3 offered for purchase on several online stores for around $97 USD. There are also entry-level and free versions available.

*** About Dan Ritchie and PD Pro Digital Painter

Dan Ritchie lives in Southern California and is the author of a novel, "Silver Squirrel". He is also a 3D animator and special FX artist. PD Pro  and Project Dogwaffle are the results of 8 years of software development and code optimizations. It has grown into a very fast tool for painting on stills and animations, for post-production and much more.

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*** About

Based in San Diego, California, is partnered with Dan Ritchie to market Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro Digital Painter. It is the website host for many resources including patches, galleries, brushes and reviews as well as the freeware version, Project Dogwaffle 1.2.

*** Press Contact

Philip Staiger
email: dogwaffle (at) thebest3d (dot) com 
phone:  +1-858-208-7377

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