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Press Release - for Immediate Release   

Title: to present PD Pro Digital Painter at Siggraph's BOF meeting

Dan Ritchie to appear at Birds of a Feather (BOF) meeting at the LACC Thursday August 4

San Diego, California, July 25, 2005 - Dan Ritchie, author of PD Pro Digital
Painter and Project Dogwaffle Paint and Animation software, announced that he
plans to attend the BOF meeting hosted by during SIGGRAPH
at the LA convention center on Thursday August 4 at 2 pm.

"Since last month's 3.2 release we've been busy working on a retail version for
our UK publisher, and have added new features and speed optimizations which will
 probably also be part of the next free update patch for 3.x users.", said Ritchie.
"I look forward to meeting our artists and heroes who make daily use of Dogwaffle
for their creative needs."

Amongst the things that will be mentioned:

- speed optimizations, realtiming of filters
- tutorials on planetary surfaces with new displacement by Swap buffer
- new plugins from 3rd party developers for making custom brushes (CopyShape)
- editing images from flight and train simulation games with the free plugins
- newest Dogwafflers of the moment
- the oldest Dogwaffler known:  a 93-year old Hemet, CA resident - who's the youngest?

There will also be raffles of software and possibly hardware.

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*** About Dan Ritchie and PD Pro Digital Painter

Dan Ritchie lives in Southern California and is the author of a novel,
"Silver Squirrel". He is also a 3D animator and special FX artist. PD Pro
and Project Dogwaffle are the results of 8 years of software development and code
optimizations. It has grown into a very fast tool for painting on stills
and animations, for post-production and much more.

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*** About

Based in San Diego, California, is partnered with Dan Ritchie
to market Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro Digital Painter. It is the website
host for many resources including patches, galleries, brushes and reviews
as well as the freeware version, Project Dogwaffle 1.2.

*** Press Contact

Philip Staiger
email: dogwaffle (at) thebest3d (dot) com 
phone:  +1-858-208-7377

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