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Press Release - for Immediate Distribution

Announcing the release of PD Particles 1.0

Santa Clarita, California - August 1, 2006 and Dan Ritchie have announced the release of PD Particles, a
lightweight and playful paint companion for PC which is based on the
award-winning particle brushes from Project Dogwaffle.

PD Particles is a standalone version of a plugin module found in PDPro, called
Optipustics. It is software for sketching, doodling, painting and drawing
with particles and a variety of brushes that simulate natural media such as oil,
watercolor and tempera.

When painting with particles, the PC generates numerous particle
traces which shoot out of the cursor under the control of the mouse or tablet pen.
These particles leave traces which shrink in size, change color, are affected by
gravity, mouse speed and motion. They can also split into more particle traces
and carry other brushes which paint natural media effects. The resulting effect
produces effects like foliage, grass, shrubbery, hair, furr, waterfalls, fireworks
and more. It can also be used with effects brushes such as smearing to turn photos
into a handpainted or stylized look.

"The effects are quite fun and, frankly, addictive.", said Philip Staiger of "We've wanted to create a tool that would be both intuitive and
affordable but also produces professional quality results and can be used well
with other popular image editing and photo composition software which lack
particle brushes."

*** Features & Benefits

* Particle brushes for grass, hair, trees, shrubbery, foliage etc...
  includes mass, gravity, velocity, splits, follow mouse, shrinking lines,
  with alpha, shaded, fog and tinting and many other parameters for millions
  of unique looks.
* Many Presets for Particles from where to spend lots of time exploring more styles.
  Additional settings can be created and saved and found online.
* tablet support to affect size and opacity, even angle  (based on tilt) for some brushes
* Alpha channel support
* supports popular image file formats:  TGA(default), PSD, JPG, BMP, TIF...
* Predefined brushes: Particles (default), Simple, Airbrush, Pen, Pencil, Oils,
  Tempera, Pastels, Watercolor, Effects, Organic effects.
* Numerous brush settings to customize new brushes
* Choice of built-in brush images (Brushset)
* Powerful color Gradient works by Drag-and-Drop from the color well
* Paper Textures can add realistic 3D surface look and bumpiness to painting:
  stucco, paper, skins, etc...
* special fx brushes like smear, dodge, burn, starry, flowers etc...
* Active-X technology easily allows for developers to integrate PD Particles into
  their software's workflow, making PD Particles a powerful addition to imaging and
  3D animation tools in need of painting capabilities.

"I originally developed my particles to assist me in quickly painting fantasy art
and scenic backdrops within Project Dogwaffle,", added Ritchie. "It is my hope
that this standalone version will enable many more artists to discover the
fun and joy of painting with particles."
Whether you are a professional photographer and use the high-end leader of photo
editing software, or a free-spirited hobbyist expressing your artistic visions with
low-cost image manipulation or 3D animation software, PD Particles adds
a new dimension to your creative universe. It lets you easily create fascinating
artwork containing shrubbery, foliage, trees and grass, and a variety of other
effects based on painting with particles and bristles.

*** Availability & Pricing

PD Particles 1.0 is offered online at

as a download edition for a mere $19 USD. It is aimed as a companion
to existing image editing software or 3D animation tools, but it can
also serve as a paint program in its own right.

*** About Dan Ritchie and

PD Particles is derived from Project Dogwaffle technology, which is the
result of 8+ years of development by Dan Ritchie, a Hollywood special fx artist
and the author of a novel, "Silver Squirrel".

Dan can be contacted at

*** About Philip Staiger and

Philip Staiger is the owner of where he consults  with artists
on affordable tools for artistic creativity.


*** Press contacts

For Press inquiries and NFR copies to arrange for a review please contact
Philip Staiger at 

email:  admin-at-thebest3d-dot-com
Skype: staigermanus
Phone: +1-858-208-7377

PD Particles and Project Dogwaffle are trademarks of Dan Ritchie.  All other trademarks are the
property of their respective owners and only used for identification purposes.

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