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Press Release #29 - the PD Pro 4.1 update & Price changes on Upgrades

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 Press Release - For Immediate Release

Title: announces Project Dogwaffle Professional version 4.1 and Pricing changes for Upgrades from version 3 and earlier

Date:     San Diego, CA, May 27, 2007 has released PD Pro 4.1, a free update patch for users of PD Pro v4.0, the digital  painting and animation program by Dan Ritchie. A future price hike in the upgrades to v4
from versions 3  and earlier versions was also announced.

 *** What's new in 4.1

     The main focus of this release is animation with video FX. There is a plethora of new tools in the animation Timeline. There are also new filters and enhancements to existing ones, adding animation to such things as the Sky filter.

     Major new features include:
  • animated clouds in the Sky filter, plus fading in or out and changing shapes
  • animated weaving brush images, such as tall grass in the gentle breeze
  • animated lens flares: enhance your 3D CGI rendering of skies with realistic lighting effects. Now with accurate out-of-focus reflections.
  • animated swap buffer can make animated displacement maps or combine with other animations in many ways. Use it to transform one video clip by another, e.g. to add distortions like rising bubbles.
  • a new woodcut filter turns your digital photos into works of art, as if printed from a woodcut.
  • the dark side of Mystic vision: Shadow Vision can simulate effects like volumetric shadows cast under dark, animated clouds. It casts rays of darkness from the dark regions of the image or animation frames.
  • dark diffusion, the counterpart to light diffusion, is a photographic effect filter. It spreads dark pixels into the neighboring brighter regions of the image.
  • Particle brushes: Age-decrementing for more realistic branches to twigs, thinning roots, funky hair and fur, etc... by reducing their lifespan and sizes while you paint

This release makes PD Pro a very powerful animation system for video, post work on 3D CGI, special effects for games or traditional animation and animated digital painting especially when used together with the many other tools, brush techniques and filters.

 *** Availability

 For more details, examples, illustrations and animations, visit

 The 4.1 update is available as a free download to legitimate users of PD Pro 4 from here:

 *** Price Changes on Upgrades to PD Pro 4 also announced that the upgrade from v3 to v4 of PD Pro, previously priced at the introductory $35, will be changing on Monday, June 25, at which point it will be increased to $49.  The full version of PD Pro 4 remains at $119 for single quantities.

Upgrade pricing for going from PD 2, PD Particles and PD Artist will also slightly change and will be shown at

 *** Press Contacts

 For Press inquiries, bundle offers, OEM inquiries and NFR copies to arrange a review please contact Philip Staiger:

 email: admin-AT-thebest3d-DOT-com
 Skype: staigermanus
 Phone: +1-858-208-7377

 *** Copyright & Trademarks

 Project Dogwaffle and Silver Squirrel are trademarks of Dan Ritchie, the author of Project Dogwaffle. All other trademarks are the property  of their respective owners and only used for identification purposes.

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