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Dan Ritchie, maker of Project Dogwaffle, announces Doggybag #2 for Dogwaffle 1.6, and Sneak Previews of the upcoming Dogwaffle v2.

"more video post work & more productive fun with painting"


Santa Clarita, CA – November 22, 2003 – Dan Ritchie, developer and publisher of the award winning paint software Project Dogwaffle, announced today the immediate availability of a new free add-on to Dogwaffle 1.6, called Doggybag #2.

"Last month," said Dan, "around Halloween, we did the scary thing and released doggybag #1, a free collection of plugins and add-ons which included a special FX brush builder, a first version of the new timeline editor for animations with a snow FX filter, and much more. This time I wanted to give thanks to the community of loyal Dogwafflers for Thanksgiving, and so we selected a few new plugins for free distribution. These were originally being developed for inclusion in the next major build, Dogwaffle v2, which is planned for release early next year. By making them available now already for free to v1.6 users I hope that more users will be able to recognize the value of Dogwaffle as a viable tool for fun and convenient post work on animations, be it in 2D, 3D animations or over DV and home movie."


Doggybag #2 can be downloaded freely from and it includes:

"It works with Dogwaffle 1.6 and may even work with earlier versions such as v1.15 or v1.5, but we’re not going to have much time to test and qualify that. Users of the free 1.11b version are encouraged to consider upgrading to a more recent version, also in light of upcoming news of version 2 which will see changes in pricing."

Previews of Dogwaffle v2

At the same time, Dan announced his intent to release a new major version of project Dogwaffle in Q1 2004. "With full layers, dynamic panning and zooming and other great new features, this will be the first version of Dogwaffle in a long time which warrants a new major release number, yes, I’m going from v1.x to v2." said Dan. "I am working fulltime on this new version, and my small but dedicated team of beta testers are contributing valuable tips and ideas as well."

"There will be many new features in this release, and it is difficult to point out the most important ones in a short list. We’re currently looking at somewhere around 100 improvements, new features, tweaks and fixes. Here are just a few:

…and lots more. A thorough list will be announced at a later point."

"I intend to keep the price of the full new v2 below $70 US, probably between $65 and $69, but possibly even less. Pricing hasn’t been finalized yet. Either way, we’ll keep Dogwaffle an affordable paint program for everyone, whether established professional or starving student. If you look at the gallery of Dogwafflers of the Moment ( ) you’ll realize that Dogwaffle is a powerful tool for artists of all ages and all walks of life. Those who have version 1.6 or 1.5 or even 1.15 will enjoy a very heavily discounted upgrade offer."


About Dan Ritchie

As a 3D animator, Dan Ritchie has always had a need to produce textures, paint over dinosaur skins in uv maps, make backdrops and other imagery and add lens flares, explosion, foliage and other effects to be used in 3D. Also, 2D painting is a rewarding hobby which he loves to do and explore with Dogwaffle. As if being a 2D artist and 3D animator isn’t enough, in addition to enjoying heavily optimized code programing, Dan also is a writer. He recently finished and published a novel, Silver Squirrel. For more details about Dan’s work, visit

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