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Dan Ritchie announces release 2.0 of Project Dogwaffle


Santa Clarita, CA – January 15, 2004 – Dan Ritchie, developer and publisher of the award winning paint software Project Dogwaffle, announced today the immediate availability of the newest version 2 of his paint and animation software.

"The time has finally arrived for the next generation of (un)natural painting on the PC.", said Ritchie. "Version 2 is a major upgrade for my popular paint and animation software. It's been in the making for over 6 months, since version 1.6 was completed in July last year."

Here are just a few of the new features:

Plus many other improvements and features. Over a hundred have been identified. For more details read  or


The full version of Dogwaffle 2 is available for $67 USD. Upgrades are available from v1.6, v1.5 and v1.15, starting at $19.

"While we have made our tools very professional, we wanted to also keep it very affordable for hobbyists and people who love to paint to try this program. To our loyal customers of prior versions we want to show out appreciation by making the upgrades very attractive. For those new clients who are not certain if they want to go with the full new v2 quite yet, we are keeping version 1.6 available at the original $45 level. We think this will be a great incentive to give it a try. "

"There are a lot of people out there who enjoy sketching and painting in their spare time but can't justify the cost of the established and expensive professional tools. In our "Dogwaffler of the Moment" gallery,
people from all walks of life and all ages are showing the many faces of popular art. It is gratifying to know that Dogwaffle has helped them todiscover and explore an artistic side they all have. But Dogwaffle is also useful in professional 3D work, where I use it myself daily to paint over dinosaur skins in uv maps, to make backdrops and other imagery, animated textures, and to add lens flares, explosion, foliage effects etc...", said Ritchie.

"If your work or hobby involves a pixel, then Project Dogwaffle should be one of the tools you use."

About Dan Ritchie

As a professional 3D animator, Dan Ritchie has always had a need to produce textures, create uv maps, and process sequences of frames.  2D painting is a rewarding hobby which he loves to do and explore with Dogwaffle. As if being a 2D artist and 3D animator isn't enough, in addition to enjoying heavily optimized code programing, Dan is also a writer. He recently finished and published his novel, Silver Squirrel. For more details about Dan's work, visit

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