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Dan Ritchie announces new Tutorial CD and 2.0c Patch for Project Dogwaffle

Santa Clarita, CA – March 22, 2004 – Dan Ritchie, developer and publisher of the award winning paint software Project Dogwaffle, announced the availability of the newest patch, version 2.0c, and new tutorial CD to help quickly get acquainted with painting in Dogwaffle..

"In February we had released a first patch (2.0b) with enhancements such as more speed improvements and new plugins. This newest patch (2.0c) now brings even more improvements." said Ritchie. "Several plugins didn't support alpha and have been updated. There are also new and updated plugins and filters. For advanced users there's also a shortcut to temporarily disable the overhead of recording into memory for Undo/redo, so that you can work even faster on slow machines."

"At this point however we think that what our new customers will want the most are introductory tutorials to quickly get started and learn the basic uses and features of Project Dogwaffle. To that effect I have recorded video and audio tutorials and we're releasing them on CD. A few of them are available for free viewing, these may be all you need to get started. The whole set of tutorials is now available on CD, either by themselves (tutorials only) for those who already have Dogwaffle, or packaged with a light edition of Dogwaffle 2 (a new v1.2) or even with a full version of Dogwaffle 2.0 including the latest 2.0c patch. The CD contains about 90 Mbytes of video captured tutorials with audio as a collection of AVI files in WM9 format."

There are many uses for Project Dogwaffle, from drawing and sketching to painting and animating.
For more details read  or
A gallery of recent Dogwaffle artists and users can be found at  (Dogwaffler of the Moment), which shows many aspects of what Project Dogwaffle can be used for.

The free samplers of tutorials can be viewed here:


Pricing for the tutorial CD starts at US$25.00 (tutorials only).  The tutorial CD with a light edition of Dogwaffle (v1.2) is priced at  $39 (upgrades from v1.2 to v2 are available). The CD with the full edition of Dogwaffle 2.0c sells for $79.

The CDs are available through this link:

About Dan Ritchie

As a professional 3D animator, Dan Ritchie has always had a need to produce textures, create uv maps, and process sequences of frames.  2D painting is a rewarding hobby which he loves to do and explore with Dogwaffle. As if being a 2D artist and 3D animator isn't enough, in addition to enjoying heavily optimized code programing, Dan is also a writer. He recently finished and published his novel, Silver Squirrel. For more details about Dan's work, visit

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