Press Release#6

Dan Ritchie announces the 2.0d patch for Project Dogwaffle 2

"Animated Mouth Audio-lip-synching, RAW file Support, improved color palettes"

Santa Clarita, CA - April 8, 2004 - Dan Ritchie, author of the award winning
paint and animation software "Project Dogwaffle", today announced the
availability of a new patch, named version 2.0d, available for free download
to users of Project Dogwaffle 2.

"This patch serves two main purposes. For one, it consolidates new plugins and filters
which were introduced in prior patches 2.0b and 2.0c, so that new users
can bring their initial 2.0 installation up-to-date with the installation of this
single patch, without cumulative patching.  Perhaps more importantly,
I'm introducing a new feature for professional animators doing lip synching of
their animated characters against recorded audio (Wave) files: the Mouth plugin."

 - Introducing The Mouth Plugin: Lip-Synching  for Professional Animators

Also called an "Exposure Sheet", it shows a visual of the mouth area
and the shape of lips in accordance with common sounds from the English alphabet. 
A recorded sound track, imported from a Wave file (such as that of an animated,
talking cartoon figure) can be populated with key lip shapes based on the sounds
found across the audio track. These are then used as visual aides by the professional
animators to mimic and recreate the same or similar lip shapes on their animated
characters as they paint, draw and sketch them. Playback displays the changing
mouth shapes in synch with the audible sound track. Project Dogwaffle supports this in
conjunction with Onion Skins (light table), a feature which displays a few frames
ahead and a few frames prior to the current frame along the animation timeline."

   "I hope that this new tool will allow professional animators and
   colleagues of my profession as well as students who are exploring
   the art of traditional cell animation to fully explore their potential
   and easily create the animations they're thinking of or working on.",
   said Ritchie. "One of my key concerns I've always had while developing
   Dogwaffle for my own needs has been productivity. I'm not developing my
   code on the latest generation high-end PCs, for a few reasons. By optimizing
   my code it runs very nicely on today's fast machines but also on
   older PCs found in some cash-deprived school labs. I'm hoping to contribute
   to the tools needed by young aspiring animators as early as middle- and high-
   school levels who are too often discouraged to explore their full potential because
   of the cost of systems and software."

Other new features of the 2.0d patch include:

- support for RAW image formats, both import and export, through the
   plugin control panel's Import and Export tabs. Supports big-endian and little-
   endian formats for better portability.

- improved sorting of color palettes. New choices allow more flexibility and
   increase productivity of artists who make their own custom color palettes
   to work with.

Details about this patch and other recent releases:


This is a free patch for current users of Dogwaffle 2.0, whether upgraded or full
installations. Project Dogwaffle 2.0 is priced at US$67. Upgrades from earlier
versions start at $19. Site licenses for 4 or more PCs per lab start at $200.

About Dan Ritchie and

As a professional 3D animator, Dan Ritchie has always had a need to
produce textures, create uv maps, and do post work on animation frames. 
2D painting is a rewarding hobby which he loves to explore with Dogwaffle.
In addition to enjoying well optimized VB and C code programming,
Dan is also a writer. He recently published his first novel, Silver Squirrel,
and is working on a sequel. For more details about Dan's work, visit - the home of Silver Squirrel and Dogwaffle.

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