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Dan Ritchie announces the 2.1 Update for Project Dogwaffle Paint & Animation Software

"New 'Penny' plugin adds spline smoothed curves even when drawing with a fast hand."

Santa Clarita, CA - May 16, 2004 - Dan Ritchie, author of the award winning paint and animation software "Project Dogwaffle", has announced the availability of a new update version 2.1, available for free download to users of Project Dogwaffle 2.0.

"The recently introduced exposure sheet needed a few improvements for professional use and we feel that this has been nicely accomplished", said Dan Ritchie. "Likewise, we wanted to add Spline interpolation between keyframes on the Timeline editor, as well as undo and the ability to stop the rendering in progress to increase productivity. But perhaps the most significant new feature in this update is the Penny plugin - a new rendering engine with spline interpolation for keeping smooth curves no matter how fast your hand is and how slow the sampling rate of your tablet."

 - Introducing the Penny Plugin - Spline-smoothed drawing

With a new rendering engine for Spline interpolation between recorded positions coming from the mouse or tablet, cartoonists and illustrators will be more productive and able to sketch quickly at their preferred pace. No more line segments even when drawing very quickly at strong curvature.

Penny opens a copy of your current buffer and lets you draw with a mouse or tablet using fully anti-aliased, spline based lines in several built-in styles like ink, watercolor, and gel. You can also apply a paper texture and import new papers as well. The results are super-smooth and natural.
 - Introducing the Keyframer

"The keyframer is new plugin, best used in conjunction with custom or animated brushes containing images", added Ritchie. "For example, when you have a few frames showing a butterfly flapping its wings, then you'll want to move the animated image sequence from the brush along a path to make it look like it's flying around that path. It should also change orientation, perhaps size to mimic perspective proximity, and fade in/out through opacity changes. There's also a choice of shutter speeds and motion blur effects."

Other new features of the 2.1 update include:

- new Optipustics settings (fractal particles) for a variety of preset grass, brush and shrubbery effects which can be further customized.

- the Canvas Buffer size plugin for more options when changing the size of your drawing area.

- an updated Exposure sheet (Mouth plugin for lipsynching against a Wave audio track), including a velocity track, zooming in and out, stop playback, Frame/audio lock toggle and more.

- an updated Timeline editor, with new Spline based keyframe interpolation, Zooming in and out on the timeline, Creating new animations straight from the timeline, Undo, Stop Render in progress, anti-aliasing for the transform filter, and more.

"This marks a new phase for Project Dogwaffle, going from 2.0 to 2.1. Current users of any patched version of 2.0 (such as 2.0d) can upgrade freely to 2.1", added Ritchie.

Details about this patch and other recent releases:


This is a free patch for current users of Dogwaffle 2.0.

Project Dogwaffle 2.0 is priced at US$67, with upgrades from earlier

versions starting at $19. Site licenses for 4 or more PCs per lab start at $200.

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As a professional 3D animator, Dan Ritchie has always had a need to
produce textures, create uv maps, and do post work on animation frames. 
2D painting is a rewarding hobby which he loves to explore with Dogwaffle.
In addition to enjoying well optimized VB and C code programming,
Dan is also a writer. He recently published his first novel, Silver Squirrel,
and is working on a sequel. For more details about Dan's work, visit - the home of Silver Squirrel and Dogwaffle.

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