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Winter Reflections by Frank Rodgers

Bjorn Kristinsson 'Beach'

The Quick Answer:
Project Dogwaffle is a PC program for people who like to draw, sketch, animate and paint.

The Short Answer:
Project Dogwaffle is award-winning and affordable paintbox software for Windows(R) with natural media, animated painting, custom brushes with dynamics, unlimited layers, onion skins for traditional animation, particle painting and animation, advanced lens flare system, and many other special effects
. Use Project Dogwaffle to paint.

The not-so-short Answer:
Project Dogwaffle is affordable paint software for the PC with built-in, user-defined, animated & fractal particle brushes. A companion to your 2D+3D web authoring or animation tools, or as your first step into virtual art and matte painting with mouse or tablet, it is here for you to paint, sketch, animate and paint... almost like on the real thing, but without the mess or occasional spill! Draw Anime, enjoy nature painting, edit photos & digital images, add special FX to CG animations and your  home movies, do professional post work, and create fantasy art. For developers and VB programmers there's also a free SDK to extend Dogwaffle with more filters and plugins.

Need more details?
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Leonardo's horses by
                    Jannis Labelle

acquarelle painting by
brush test
                  by Cedric Trojani

Minimal System Requirements
Draw and Sketch!
Dino by Martin Duerr,
dino by Martin Duerr

Perfect for
Exploring Art!

chameleon by
by nBT

nature painting:

                    forest cavity


::: Windows(R) Operating System

Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro Digital Painter are supported on the following PC platforms:
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • 32-bit or 64-bit editions
It has also been observed to work fairly well on Windows Me (Milleneum Edition) and even Windows 95, but we can't support them officially, because we don't have regular access to these for testing and support. And frankly, the memory management in Windows 200 and XP is so much better.

::: Graphics/Video Card 

The main Tools panel to the right of the Dogwaffle screen may not fit in a 600-pixel tall screen, so you need a resolution that's higher than 800x600. Typically an SVGA resolution (1024x768) or better is recommended.

With PD Pro, more customizations are possible, separating the color palettes from the creative tools. Still, you should use 1024x768 or higher resolutions if at all possible.

No 3D capabilities are needed for Project Dogwaffle. All graphics is done through GDI.

::: CPU Processor Speed 

We recommend at least 700 MHz clock speed, even though some things are possible with older, slower processors. We have successfully run Dogwaffle 1.2, 1.6, 2.1 and PD Pro 3 on an AMD K6 MMX running at 200 MHz under Windows 95 with just 64 MB of RAM. But it's a but slow with such a configuration. If you're running an old system with WIndows 95, you know it's time to upgrade.

Recent developments in PD Pro have seen the addition of support for MMX to accelerate certain filters and display operations. To make things faster and simpler, Dogwaffle doesn't check if MMX is available - it simply assumes that MMX is available.

PD Pro 4 added a new framework to support multi-threading. Filters are gradually being converted to use M.T. so as to run even faster on new hardware.

::: System Memory (RAM) 

Dogwaffle 2 needs around 40 MB of memory to get started. If you have just 64 MB installed this may be very tight. We recommend at least 128, and better yet 256 MB or more. With the price of memory so low nowadays it is typical for professional graphic artists to have 1 to 2 GB (1024 MB) of RAM installed and even more, and if you work on large images it certainly will help Dogwaffle run faster than with less memory.

A recent build (PD Pro 4.0c) is adding support for very large images with a special compiler switch to support large address spaces.

::: MMX, SSE, SSE2 

We don't check for MMX support anymore, we just assume it's there. With PD Pro 7 you also need SSE2 support. Your processor may or may not have it, depending on how old it is. If you have a Pentium 3, chances are it's too old. If you run in a VM (such as Paralleles desktop for Mac, VmWare Fusion, VirtualBox,...), you might have a processor that supports SSE2 and MMX, but you'll want to also make sure that your VM supports and uses it.

Test it, run the free demo trial versions.


Great for fantasy
space art:

Chillies & Chocolate:


Version Info
slideshowNot yet familiar with the many versions of Project Dogwaffle?
Here is another short Slideshow of what's possible:   choose AVI  or QT format

 Curious about what's new? Read more here: whatsnew. Note: Pricing shown is suggested. Some resellers offer occasional discounts or promotions, bundling with other products for discount savings. [ check the sales page ]

  PD Pro 8 Howler  new!
  PD Pro 7 Howler  
  PD Pro 6 Howler  

The Professional's choice for digital painting and animation, waffling and howling - details here

The lower-cost Artist editions are based on their Howler edition counterparts, but without Animation support.

Watch the Daily Dose of video tutorials!


 PD Pro Digital Painter 5  

(Project Dogwaffle Professional 5)

Released in September 2010  - details here

The latest version of 5.x is is 5.1b - get a free update if you have 5.0 or 5.1!

If you have PD Pro 3 you qualify for a discount with an upgrade to PD Howler


As seen on
Cool Creative Bundle!
PD Pro Digital Painter 4 

(also known as Project Dogwaffle Professional 4.x)

Released in October 2006  -

free update patches available:   4.0a - 4.0b - 4.0c - 4.1
(You only need to apply the latest patch.)

If you have PD Pro 4 you qualify for a discount with an upgrade to PD Howler

This was also the boxed release from Fasttrak in the UK
PD Pro Digital Painter 3.5

(also known as Project Dogwaffle Professional 3.x)

First released in February 2005, there have been numerous free and cumulative updates and patches with new features and performance increases. PD Pro has new features for animation and improved painting. This product does just about everything and anything you might want as a creative visual artist. Great also for editing video frame, adding special FX, doing old-school traditional animation frame by frame, or doing a variety of painting and drawing tasks.

free update patches: from v3.0 to v3.1 - v3.1a - v3.2 - v3.5 - v3.6 - v3.7

You only need the latest patch. For 3.x that's version 3.7, so if you bought v3.5 you need only apply v3.7 on top of that.

This is the version currently under continued development and improvement, supported with new patches and updates. If you want the latest and greatest and you want to grow with it, get this version!

If you have PD Pro 3 you qualify for a discount with an upgrade to PD Howler

../../pdp/landscape2-200.jpg PD Particles 1.0

Released in August 2006, this is a lightweight standalone version of the particle brush system known in PD Pro as the Optipustics plugin. It also contains many internal brushes for natural media. It doesn't have many other things like layers, filters or animation support. The main focus on this program is for nature painting and drawing with particles. It is being positioned as a companion to other image editors and 3D programs, but it is equally useful for beginners as an entry-level priced yet fascinatingly addictive and powerful paint program for those who have never painted on their PC.  


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The River, by Dan Ritchie
PD Artist 1.0
Digital Painting for Everyone

Released in August 2006, this is our entry-level paint and animation software for students, hobbyists and starving artists. It is based on a subset of PD Pro 3. Of course, eventually we hope to see you upgrade to PD Pro, but if you're not sure if Project Dogwaffle is made for you, try this first. It's also perfect as a gift for a child who's a prolific drawing artist and interested in traditional animation.

Numerous free plugins made for PD Pro 3 or 4 are also supported by PD Artist



Can't afford your own?
see if someone else
wants to pay for it

Project Dogwaffle 2 

eleased in January 2004, formerly $67, then $59 - then $19. We considered this our entry-level solution for hobbyists and serious artists on a very tight budget and who are not ready to try the latest PD Pro release. If you like to draw, sketch, animate or paint, then you've gotta try the demo version of v3.0 or higher and keep in mind that there have been many more updates since then (freely downloadable patches) > see also  whatsnew for more details!

Not for sale

...but perhaps you'd like it for free?
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Project Dogwaffle 1.6 

released in July of 2003. This is where it started to become interesting, with a big performance boost and major new features. There were significant milestones reached with this release's new software architecture. Check all the goodies. There were also some free patches: doggybag #1 and  doggybag #2

Not available

Project Dogwaffle 1.2

the freeware (!) version from July 2004. This replaces the older v1.11b. Version 1.2 is based on v2 code from February 2004 and is save-enabled (BMP + Targa formats). It lacks some of the advanced features, but as a free tool we think it's great for starving artists who are on a zero-dollar budget. If you are a student or retiree and can't afford the cost of v2 or v3, then this will work well for you. It's our way to give a token of appreciation back to the art communities. Happy waffling!

  this release is 


Tutorial Collection #1
Discovering Project Dogwaffle

Getting started with painting, the smart way. This contains a great overview of the most important tools and ways to use them. Includes a variety of practical exercises and projects. The collection has 24 AVI files with video and audio captured by Dan Ritchiie, the author of Project Dogwaffle himself. It is based on Dogwaffle v2.1 but is very useful for other versions too. In all there's about 1 hour and 9 minutes of video.

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Tutorial Collection #2
The Art of Project Dogwaffle

A collection of Art projects, by Dan Ritchie, from an artist's perspective. You could call it the Art-101 class, back to art-school for Dogwafflers. This should be of value to those who know the tools  but don't know Art techniques for painting, drawing, animating and sketching.

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What's in Project Dogwaffle? General Feature List  [ for more details see what's new ]

  • Fast and realistic artist tools, paper, and media styles. Tablet support.
  • Custom and procedural, antialiased brushes and fill types.
  • Dynamic panning and zooming.
  • Over 100 FX filters.
  • Real-time, full screen image processing.
  • Multiple undo's. Interactive undo.
  • Automatically recognizes loads of file formats (about 60).
  • Full layer mixing. Mix buffers in a variety of ways.
  • Use one buffer to displace, composite, or generally modify another.
  • Bluescreen, greenscreen and color keying.
  • Full alpha channel support. Paint on alpha. Lasso, Magic Wand, etc...
  • Make seamless textures.
  • Animation. Load and save image sequences and AVI files.
  • Keyframe based timeline editor for applying filters to animations. Change filter's parameters over time
  • Onion skin for traditional animation. See two frames before and after current.
  • Animated brushes and animated brush painting.
  • Manage and manipulate multiple brushes.
  • Stroke player.
  • Paint and animate particles. Paint fractal trees in real-time.
  • Radiant - Advanced lens flares.
  • Fieldpack - Intelligent deinterlace and video retiming.
  • Manage colors with Drag and Drop or create a palette automatically.
  • Modify the interface to suit your preference.
  • Simple, versatile plugin interface.
  • No-pester, non-limited free version 1.2 (from July 2004)
  • Recently added with the 3.0 PD Pro release:
  • New filmstrip mode on the animation control panel.
  • Time stretch, reverse, de-interlace/re-interlace 
  • cut/copy/paste/insert/replace/... for animation.
  • new fill & morph modes in the Gradient tool
  • Lightning tool
  • new Photographic filters
  • New Auto adjust filter: adjust contrast and white balance.
  • Reverse fields.
  • Transform
  • Timeline: new filters, speed improvements,...
  • Real-time feedback on the seamless panel.
  • New panel for custom brush drop shadows. 
  • Scan (multiple) frames of an animation
  • Much faster fractal particles (optipustics brushes)!
  • Improved bristle brush tool on the optipus panel.
  • Transform alpha. Numeric alpha.
  • Clipboard Path + explore features on the image browser.
  • Key grow and shrink now support animated brushes. 
  • New starfield filter.
  • tablet support for the bristle brush, including tilt
  • the stroke recorder now supports all tablet info
  • a new wave displacement filter.
  • Wave displacement on the timeline can be animated.
  • the sky renderer has been tweaked.
  • Resizing the buffer is exposed to the plugin interface, as is plasma, novas, and lens flares.
  • a spline mouse option on the prefs panel.
    ...and much much more.   

great for Cartooning!
penguin by nBT
Penguin by nBT
Cybersign crazy professor

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Great for animating!
Decoranim by Dalemation
Decorator animation
by Dalemation
free version 1.2:
foto-freeware top download award

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