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Why are we selling Project Dogwaffle 5 for just 5 dollars?

special offer of October 2012 -
                                    Dogwaffle 5 for $5In a couple of words: to increase our user base. We believe that once people use the software, they will love it, which could mean future upgrades for us.

Why version 5?

Version 5 was released in 2010, after a 3 year hiatus for us since version 4. It was a huge undertaking, with lots of new features and a more modern interface (if you've used the 2004 free version). Version 5 was the first version designed to run under Windows 7/Vista and future operating systems. To get the most from it however we ask that you set the “Disable desktop composition” compatibility flag for the application. This is because we had not yet optimized our underlying GUI code for the new glass look of Windows 7. This is a simple, one-time step.

Since then, we've released version 6 under a new name, Howler, followed by 7 last year, and 8 recently this summer. We feel that version 5 offers a tremendous amount of power, while still leaving an exceptional upgrade option for users who want more.

What's in version 5?

Simple answer: Quite a lot.

On the painting side, there's tablet support, multiple undos, natural media painting with a visual browser to find your media, advanced color picking such as a palette mixer, and the red/yellow/blue model from traditional art. There's of course layers, drawing primitives like spheres, rectangles and curves, gradients, alpha selections, and all the usual stuff.

On the animation side there's onion skin, lip syncing with an exposure sheet, a timeline to apply animated filters to sequence of frames, or even to animated brushes, and a number of other features designed for animators and video types. The developer was himself a professional animator (Mystic Knights, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, Star Trek Voyager, Max Steel, Dan Dare) In the latest update to this version, 5.1b, there's even an animation sequencer called frame painter that can be used to sequence a small number of frames into a longer animation.

Technology wise, version 5 supports multi-threading and MMX for some pretty impressive speed. There's some use of the .Net framework version 4 for certain things. We wanted to support a modern set of freely available languages for plugin development, such as the “Express” versions of the languages from Microsoft.

What's in the latest version if I decide to upgrade?

In version 6, we gave the program a new name, “Howler,” and for good reason. There are some bold improvements in speed, making use of SSE2 as a base level of technology, along with wider use of threading, and other improvements.

Later versions added a number of features. These are just a few:

  • Improvements and additions to painting tools and tablet support.
  • Camera stabilization, including motion removal, smoothing, or re-addition.
  • Rotoscoping to create garbage or traveling mattes, and also as an animation tool, as part of enhancements to the curve tool.
  • Multiple monitor support.
  • Motion prediction module to create slow motion from regular video
  • A re-invented timeline editor with improvements to interactivity and speed.
  • New 3-D tools and API.
  • Additional improvements to the interface
  • Much tighter integration of plugins and reduced use of the .Net Framework.
  • Second generation particle foliage tool.
  • and a lot more.... see PD Howler 6, 7 and 8

This offer expires October 31st, 2012 

Order v5 for $5 NOW

Upgrade to later versions?

If you'd like to upgrade to a more recent or the latest version from your current version of Dogwaffle, be sure to contact us to request a discount coupon.

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