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Something broken? Need assistance with your Dogwaffle installation? help is available

'Waffles' likes to howl

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:   

look for help, tips and tricks in FAQ


find more links and help here

Discussion Forums:  

here are a few discussion forums. Hundreds of Dogwaffle users are in the official forum, and so are we, including Dan Ritchie, the creator of Project Dogwaffle. This may well be one of the fastest ways to get answers to your questions.

Email us:  

If you can't find the answers to your questions in our online resources, please ask us in some of the forums, for the benefit ofothers who may have the same or similar issues and will learn from the answers. Or, email us directly. (Please launch your email program or web based email service and send us email here. )

for users of PD Howler 6 and higher:

for users of all other editions (PD Particles, PD 2, PD Pro 3, v4 or v5, PD Artist 6 through 9 and beyond):

(Please be sure to indicate in the subject line and the email body what exact version you're using, such as PD Particles 1.2, PD Pro 4.1, PD Howler 9.5, PD Artist 8.2... etc...)

Contact us:  

look for other ways to contact Philip or Dan