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   In just a few clicks, give your favorite baby photo a new look.
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Let's styart for example with this picture. Somebody's been eating too many berries!.....

Next, start the Gertrudis for Dogwaffle plugin, and apply a few strokes of Gertrudis magic paint. Note that we apply more fine detail around the eyes and mouth and less detail and longer lines around the edges.

Back in Project Dogwaffle.

If you want more details in the eyes and mouth area, or simply want to blend a portion of the original photo into the Gertrudis version, copy the original image into the Swap buffer and use the Rubthrough mode for the brush to selectively bring bits and pieces of the original photo into the modified version.

Here we have the original eyes and mouth blended nicely into the modified picture.

Finally, let Dogwaffle do some more magic:

- color embossing
- wet paint
- paper texture (canvas)
- light diffusion blurr

and other FX filters to give it a more 3D look of layers of paint.