How to Get the  Xvid , 3ivX or DivX codec

Some of the video tutorials we show here use an MPEG-4 codec such as Xvid, 3ivX or DivX. If you haven't installed the codec on your computer you won't be able to view the video part of the clips. (the audio may come through if it's mp3 or something else you already have loaded). Download and install the codec, it's quick and easy.

One main resources for Xvid/DivX related tools and a set of alternatives for various popular movie players can be found here:

You can also find very good information hre: or

Otherwise proceed with one of these:

Xvid  |  3ivX  |  DivX

Download the Xvid Codec here:

There is a list of places where you can find the executable installers. We recommend these, choose one and go for it:

Alternate Sites:

The following site has a list of several sites offering the binary installer:
The page from mentioned earlier is one of them, so there.
This page has several links for DIV3/DIV4/DIVX and XVID codecs amongst others:
Want to learn more about Xvid? This is the Xvid home:

Installing the Xvid codec

Download the 3ivX Codec here:

An alternate, compatible MPEG-4 codec is available at

Download the DivX Codec here:

DivX networks makes also their own codec which is MPEG-4 compatible as well::
or here:

Download the binary, run it through your anti-virus if you must, and run it to install the codec. Thereafter you can view the videos which use the Mpeg4 codec.
If you don't know what codec in your AVI: Wondering what video or audio codec it uses? Then you've got to try this great little utility: Gspot by Steve G. at