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Post work over Still Images

(from a screenshot's still image to an animation)

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- Original: a Still image snapshot

The other day, I was playing a flight simulation game after customizing the texture of a Boeing 747.  I had been practicing for a presentation at the San Diego AVSim conference.

After flying the 747 for a while, I crash landed it - ooops - and took a screenshot of the aircraft, stuck in the mud.

You can see the texture I painted over its hull and wings before flying it. I used free plugins from Martin Wright to import and edit the texture image files.
click image to enlarge

- On to Dogwaffle

I then loaded that image into Project Dogwaffle and performed some transformations of it by painting with particle brushes, to add foliage, grass, bushes and flowers.
I also painted some changes into the background with a sunset filter, making the sky redish, and added mountains and a bit of foggy haze.

- Animations

Then I created an animation from that image and added rain (fast snowfall), lightning  and more.

Flash MX player needed - click to toggle off/on >

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> see the larger animation: Quicktime