The Radiant lens flare render engine

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Radiant is an advanced lens flare renderer for Project Dogwaffle that complements the internal (quick and easy) nova and lens flare tools. Lens flares are glows and reflections that occur inside the lens assembly of a traditional camera. The irony is that real photographers try to avoid them, while CGI artists pride themselves of showing how cool they look, because they come this much closer to the "real" thing. Most camera manufaturers will tell you that they have worked to get rid of them - but they're actually sort of pretty. Radiant allows extensive control over every element of an effect, and results can be rendered out to a series of frames (such as for an animation in which a bright flare is moving).

A single-frame lens flare is usually rendered and then passed on to Dogwaffle by way of the brush. It is loaded as a custom brush and thus can be used to paint single or multiple "impressions" of the flare image. A typical way to use this brush at that time is to change the draw mode from Default to Additive, and to reduce the intensity or impact of the flares by reducing the opacity of the brush effect.

Here are some examples of flares created with Dogwaffle's Radiant engine.