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Particle Brushes
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 Project Dogwaffle 3.5 introduces a new feature as part of the particle brushes (Optipustics):  Force Fields

Here's how it works:

  • You load an image. Perhasp not the one over which you'll eventually paint the particles, but another image of the same size. Perhaps you had it temporarily parked (stored).
  • You enable the Particle systems in the Optipustics panel. You select a preset or play with the parameters for the desired effect.
  • You then click the "FF" icon to launch the force field.  Dogwaffle starts by analyzing the current image.activate Force field A force field is generated internally that will allow control of the particles when you paint.
  • You adjust some parameters in the force field panel. Then you start painting. Instead of  particles which are free-flying or subject only yo gravity and mouse speed/direction, you'll now see that the particles can be contained or deflected based on the force field that was generated from the image.

  • At this time you can switch back to another image if in fact the current image was only needed for the creation of the force field.
  • As you experiment and paint you can create an incredible amount of variations and new imagery or animations. Combine the force field with the new styles like shrinking size, and color tint or fog. Play with color gradients too, use 'big' particles as loaded in the current brush, and use the Stroke player to play such particles along the traps of the force field.

start with an image


 Here are some examples of things created easily (or accidentally :-) with the use of particles under the influence of force fields.  In some cases there were also some filters involved for such things as embossing, mystic vision blur, and light diffusion.

Started from a Europa filter

Also had Tinting on particles

Started from a Plasma noise

Started from a

- Mystic vision (blur)