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new Artistic Filters
  new artistic filters Oilify and GraphicPen

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new filters used by Martin Duerr  Two new Artistic Filters have been added. They offer a variety of options to create fasninating new illustrations or oil paintings from your existing photo or  image.
new art filters: oilify and GraphicPen
Here are some examples.

   Filter > Artistic >  Graphic Pen


   Filter > Artistic > Oilify

The purpose of the Oilify filter is to help in turning an existing image, such as from a digital photograph of a portrait, into something looking like an oil painting.

When you select the Oilify effect from the Artistic category in the Filters menu, you can set the amount of oilification through the Size slider. Click Go to apply.

There is quite a bit of computation to be performed in this filter, so watch the status above the menu bar as it races from 0% to 100% done.

Here is a collection of images
obtained with varying levels of Oilification
(by moving the 'Size' slider)

After appying Oilify, several more options and filters are useful for added realism and effects. Here are but a few:   (more here: Illustrations)

original image (left), and after oilification (right)

added a touch of wet paint, then color embossing:

Added 'Brush Strokes' effect with AA lines, then switched to same but with using the current brush, and that current brush being the small default brush

Finally, using the organic effects>Flowery brush through the brush strokes effect &  lots more of things like paper texture, Tarnish, light diffusion, sharpen, and a mix of bristle brush applications from the optipustics panel.