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::The Problem:. ::Your Solution:.
You have a digital photograph, or a scanned image, or a drawing that looks plain and simple, which was scanned or otherwise captured into a file, and you are now ready for editing.

You need to turn it into a work of art that appears like it was sketched by hand, drawn or painted. You want to see bristles.

But you have no patience whatsoever and your little sister says you're a geek and have zero talent for drawing.

Unfortunately you  know she's partly wrong... you actually have less than zero talent! When you as much as touch a pencil and paper, it catches on fire!

Gertrudis Pro Standalone
only $67
Gertrudis for Dogwaffle
Gertrudis for Dogwaffle
only $34

:::::What is Gertrudis Pro?:.
::: Gertrudis Pro
Gertrudis Pro is a program for the PC which lets you transform images into handmade drawings. The brushstrokes of the drawings can simulate watercolor, oil painting, crayon, and a variety of other styles. You can also define your own styles. As internally Gertrudis knows the path, color, width and style of each brushstroke, the drawing can be rendered at the desired resolution. So once the drawing is done, you generate the result to the resolution that you want, achieving fine details in each brushstrokes.
::: How to use it
When you load an image into Gertrudis Pro it will show two panels: the left one will show the original image and the other will show the resulting, modified image. When you first start,  the right panel will show a blank white image. As the drawing tools are applied, the resulting drawing will be appearing in the right panel.

You can 'brush' your strokes over the original to the left or directly on the black to the right side.

Parrot - original photo
Parrot - oil painting look

< Different effects with different settings: you can adjust  parameters for color, bristle thickness, gain, length, brush bitmaps...

:::::More Details, Specs & Information:.

:::::New Features from Gertrudis Pro 3: 

What's New In Gertrudis Pro 3.0?

  • Wacom Tablet Support
  • Custom Background
  • 3D Brushes
  • Full screen paint
  • Better color accuracy and enhanced stroke rendering algorithm.

:: Differences between the Standalone and the Dogwaffle-Plugin version:.

.:Plugin Version:
  • the plugin version only sends and receives images through the Dogwaffle connection. No file saving or importing; no saving to PostScript. But you can send the resulting artwork to either the main or the swap buffer.
  • the plugin version is significantly lower cost.
.:Standalone Version:
  • The standalone version can load images from many file formats and save to JPEG, BMP and TIFF and  also to PostScript format.
  • The standalone edition can re-render and save at different sizes.This is very important for desktop publishing because there you need high resolution bitmaps. After creating your image on the screen at screen resolution, you can have it re-rendered to a higher resolution. This gives much more detail in the larger image than if you had simply resized/resampled the prior bitmap.
  • The standalone version has options to Load/Save Project in Gertrudis native format.
  • The standalone version has an option to "Apply All" (Apply the current tool around the whole image selecting random seeds), this tool saves time especially if you have a particulkar set of parameters which you want to apply to many images, perhaps from an animation sequence.

:::::New Features from Gertrudis Pro 2.2: 
  • new shortcut key: F11 = Full Screen Preview
  • Navigator Window, a new feature which lets you view the entire image. Also it is possible to choose the work area by dragging the red rectangle in the Navigator Window. This option is useful for large images.
  • entering numeric values: All parameters can be set using the keyboard. This change is made because some users have said that it was difficult to choose precise values.
  • Clipboard Support:
    • Ctrl+C ..... copies the current result to Clipboard.
    • Ctrl+Alt+N ... creates a new project based on the image in the clipboard.

::::: File Formats of the Standalone Version:.
(Please note: This does not apply to the plugin for Dogwaffle version)


The standalone version of Gertrudis Pro can open images in most of the popular formats, including files of the following types:

.png, .psp, .cut, .pcd, .pic, .cel, .pbm, .pgm, .ppm, .pdd, .psd, .bw, .rgb, .rgba, .sgi, .rla, .rpf, .scr, .pcc, .pcx, .eps, .fax, .tif, .tiff, .icb, .tga, .vda, .vst, .win, .dib, .rle, .jpeg, .jpe, .jpg, .jfif, .emf, .wmf, .ico, .bmp


Your modified work of art can then be saved in Tiff, BMP and Jpeg as well as exported to PostScript (.ps) format in vector form.

:::::Resources - to probe further, to learn more

  • The Gertrudis Blog:

  • Tutorials - it's easy, you won't need many, but still....

from photo portrait to
artistic face painting


Dragon Heads!
Gertrudis Pro &

Project Dogwaffle
in Perfect Harmony!

Gertrudis and Dogwaffle in Harmony

winter scene
through a window


upper-right (red box)
detail of the above window


See more detail:
view dynamic zoom

mountain scenes

 combining Gertrudis with
Project Dogwaffle for
added special fx and realism
like embossing, wet paint,
paper texture, stains & more...

:::::Pricing & Where to Buy:

Gertrudis Pro
Standalone Edition

Standalone version 3.3,
 can be used with any imaging software that saves to supported popular image formats.

only $67 !

> order here <
online store at Share-it!
Download a Trial right there

for Project Dogwaffle
Plugin version 1.5,
for Project Dogwaffle v2 or PD Pro
and even  for the freeware v1.2

only $34 !
Gertrudis for Dogwaffle
> order here <
online store at Share-it!
Download a Trial right there

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online store at Share-it!
Download a Trial right there

:::::Downloading the Demo & Trial Versions:
Note: the latest version is Gertrudis Pro 3 (as of September 2006) - get the demo version from

Trial version of Gertrudis Pro 2.1 - Standalone Edition

>>> Download this Installer:

(size:  4,952,995 bytes)

Trial version of Gertrudis Pro 2.1 - Dogwaffle Plugin Edition
for use with Project Dogwaffle 1.2, 2.x or PD Pro 3.x

>>> Download this Installer:

(size: 4,951,483 bytes)

PD Particles
Digital painting
 has never been
so much fun!

:::::Users & Galleries

Visit the Users Gallery at

There you will see some more examples of what's possible and what's been done with Gertrudis. In some cases they are straight from Gertrudis standalone edition. In other cases there are combinations of Gertrudis with Project Dogwaffle, or other popular imaging and painting programs. Discover the endless possibilities.

at > view it     

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fire dragon by
Martin Duerr,


"Gertrudis Pro is an awesome piece of software that allows you to turn your photos and images into unique looking art. This process happens quickly and easily and is as simple as choosing an effect and using a brush to repaint the image or photo. "

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