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gluas filter apps

gluas apps = Applications which support Lua-based scripting for imaging: make your own filters, share your filters between the GIMP, Artweaver, Pixarra Twistedbrush and Project Dogwaffle

Disclaimer: Just like the human intellect, this page is still under construction.

Think Visual
Lua scripting with gluas is for graphics minds, game developers, seismic data visualization and much more.

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Gluas first was created for the GIMP. It is based on Lua, i.e. it uses the Lua interpreter for blazingly fast execution of your code.

Found Another?
If you know other imaging programs that support gluas style creation of image filters for special effects, be sure to
contact Philip.

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Also, if you have created some gluas-compatible imaging filters, please let us know.

Gluas is powered by Lua, a fast scripting language. 

Gluas focuses on the image: a raster of pixels. An internal variable for width and height and a handful of methods to access the RGB value or other aspects of these pixels in that array let you do whatever you want to do with them, as long as you have the math to do it. This is a great environment to test your algorithmic ideas and explore the what-if's.

The first incarnation of Gluas was created by Øyvind Kolås for use with the GIMP. See and

Gluas can now also be found as part of or plugins & addons to other imaging and painting & animation programs:

the GIMP

a free and open-source Graphics Image Manipulation Program. This is where it started, with the 1st gluas plugin created by Øyvind Kolås - the 'mother of all gluas'

Project Dogwaffle

Dan Ritchie's paint & animation program, extended with Marco Pontello's DogLua plugin and Dan's GUIserver extensions for interactive scripts, i.e. GUI elements for user interactions. Doglua is supported in various versions of PD Howler, PD Artist and PD Particle and above.


Boris Eyrich's digital painting program, supporting gluas and Dogwaffle's GUIserver extensions as well, plus interchange connectivity with Dogwaffle and PD Particles! There is a free version and a commercial product. Not sure which one supports Lua at the moment? Explore!

Twistedbrush Pro

Ken Carlino's painting program at Pixarra. Includes extensions for interactive elements (sliders and other GUI elements).

Beyond gluas? A full Lua scripting environment can be found on a number of popular applications and games, such as World of Warcraft, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom or Anime Studio. A few others have been listed here.

You may not yet have an immediate desire to learn the whole Lua scripting system, but if you learn gluas be assured you'll be on your way. It's a nice and very visual way to easily make your first steps into programming with this fast and powerful scripting language, and you will experience the joy of creating visual effects through your own filters along the way. If you're already into imaging, gluas may just be the thing your math brain has been looking for!