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     Project Dogwaffle and the Fall 2018 Giveaway of the Day (GOTD)

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Thank you for using Project Dogwaffle - PD Artist 11  

Installing and Discovering PD Artist

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Discovering PD Artist & PD Howler


What is PD Artist 11?

This scene was created quickly and completely in PD Artist 11 - 3D landscape rendering,
plus added trees and lens flares in post work. See the tutorial  >>>>>>>>>

PD Artist is a digital painting program powered by Project Dogwaffle which also includes advanced visual effects and some 3D tools for landscapes.

  • Digital painting with many types of brushes, including natural media brushes, particle brushes, foliage brushes, custom image and animated brushes + Huge collection of filters
  • 3D capabilities including elevation map based 3D terrain generation, global illumination and ray tracing on CPU and in the GPU!

Read this to learn more about PD Artist: What is PD Artist?

Here's just a brief summary description:

  • many predefined brushes, media brushes, FX brushes, full image brushes, animated brushes
  • layer for compositing (sorry, no opaque layers except when using a color keying trick like Magic Pink mode)
  • Particle brushes for shrubbery and grass. Foliage brushes, Orbicle brushes (orbiting particles), and good old Bristle brushes
  • advanced effects in the brush: alpha paint, drop shadow, glow, pigment lifting(!)...
  • many many filters, too many to mention
  • 3D pipeline: from 2D Image to 3D landscape and logos: 3D Designer, Puppy Rayray tracing, various 3D perspective and lighting tools...
  • Filters for artistic effects, stylizing, photographic enhancements etc... (ok so now we mentioned a few).
  • tools for building graphic elements
  • Visual effects like awesome lens flares, gradients, frame your work, image-based displacement, forcefields
  • compositing with greenscreen, bluescreen, any color
  • Lua scripting - make your own filters or use and share some with GIMP and others using gluas.

For an exhaustive list of features, we recommend reading these:

  • 10 Things you didn't know about Project Dogwaffle

Important reminder:
Some online reference material will relate to animated features and video tools from PD Howler. You'll just want to ignore the animation parts, as those are found only in PD Howler, for the most part. (few exceptions, such as animated brushes)

With that in mind, here is a more detailed list of features found since PD Artist 9.6:

Paint features:

  • Natural media, many presets, fully customizable
  • Full tablet support
  • Custom brushes, bristle brushes, particle brushes, brushes under the influence of force fields
  • 3D orbiting particle brushes (Orbicles)
  • Dynamic Rules-based Foliage brushes
  • Animated (multi-frame) custom brushes. Load image sequnces or AVI into the brush and paint!
  • Pigment lifting, shadow drop, paper embossing and other post FX for even more realistic paint effects
  • Well over 100 fast and full featured filters.  Real-time is our middle name. See below for more on our Filters
  • Premium color mixing tools.  Red-yellow-blue, palette mixer, lots more.
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Mirror mode and Symmetrical painting, Kaleidoscope mode
  • Frame your artwork
  • brush keying

Filters and Special FX:

  • Numerous filters (140 and counting)
  • Filters for still images + Filters for animations (in animated brushes)
  • Adjust: Color, Value, Threshold, Saturation, Hue/Sat/Val, Auto balance, Tint, Value only contrast, Levels, Curves, Color FX, Adjust All...
  • Color: Map to current gradient, Negative, Invert value, Swap channels, Roll channels, Power curve, Posterize, Color replacer, Solarize, Sepia, Halftone, Halftone plus, Graphic halftone, Duotone, Tritone, 12-bit dither, 8-bit-dither, 1-bit-dither (Optimized, Error diffused, random,...)
  • Blur: Simple blur, Box filter, Gaussian blur, Custom blur, Motion blur, Zoom blur, Mystic vision, Chroma blur, Radial blur
  • Photographic: Soft contrast improvement, Light diffusion, Star filter, Fish eye, Fog filter, Sunset, Polarize, Day for night, Remove red from selection
  • Sharpen: Sharpen, Unsharp mask, Digital photo enhance, maX sharpen
  • Convolve: Grey emboss, Color emboss,  Edge detect, Sobel edge detect, Color sobel edges, Maximum, Median, Minimum, MaxMin, MinMaxz, High pass, Abs, Gradient convolve, Convolution kernel, Iterative median, Adjustable median, Adjustable maximum, Adjustable minimum
  • Noise: Value noise, Color noise, Jitter, Jitter blur plus, Film grain
  • Transform: Transform, Shift, Warp mesh, Isometric 3d, 3D Designer, Puppy Ray (Ray tracing), Spherize, Globe, Textrix, Z noise, Twirl, Crystalize, Sinoid, Mosaic, Quilt, Rubber sheet, Wave distort, Mirage, Mirror, Fisheye correction, 3d perspective
  • Video: Slate color bars, De-interlace, Reverse fields, Reduce flicker, Video lines, Legalize (NTSC), Legalize (PAL), Countdown, TV pixels, Raster lines, Shift RGB, Repair dropput
  • Artistic: Apply current paper, Wet paint, Brush strokes, Tarnish, Weave, Graphic Pen, Oilify, Cross contour, Woodcut
  • Stylize: Lighting tool (3D), Glowing edges, Plastic wrap, Waxify
  • Render: Plasma noise, Bumby toy, Noises (Perlin1, 2, Fractal, Cosine), Radiant, Sky, Dread plating, Cellular, Checkerboard, Cold lava, Europa, Starfield, Brick texture, Woodgrain, Grid, Zrings, Mandelbrot, Triangles, Color cubes
  • Combine with Swap: Mix buffers, Alpha blit, Premultiplied alpha blit, Additive, Subtractive, Multiply, Divide, Screen, Luminance, Complement, Difference, Around grey, Greater than, Less than, Texturize, Binary, Hue, Sat, Val, And, Or, Xor
  • Composite with Swap: Green screen, Blue screen, Color key
  • Displace by Swap: Displace, Cloaking displace, Pool displace, Jitter displace, Colortwirl displace
  • Emboss by Swap
  • and many more: LUA filters (gluas), 3rd-party: DoggyFX, AnyFX for PD (by Pixelan), other 3rd-party plugins, make your own (free programming API), Audio Recorder, CalendarWidget, Channels, Clock, Clock2, DogLuaBrowser, DogLuaEdit, Fieldpack, Forcefield, FramefromClipboard, Halloween_Clock2, Hexadecimal Picker, HexPackedCOlor, MatteCutter, MediaPlayerWidget, ModDogPlayer (music), NumericSelect, Penny (another paint program within the paint program!!!), Black hole, BlueRemove, Brick texture, LightBloom, Mirrage, Oilify, SmudgeStick, Triangles, Lightning, heavenly Lens flares ...

Highlights of our favorite, recently added or enhanced tools:

To Probe even further:

Watch the Slideshow - made mostly with PD Artist and PD Howler

So what's PD Artist and what is not? PD Artist is similar to its big brother, PD Howler, but doesn't let you work on animations or videos (except for using animated brushes animated brushes!). PD Artist thus lacks the "Animation" menu that can be seen in PD Howler. It also won't offer to animated the regular filters from the Filter menu. And it won't have the "Animated..." category of filters. But it will nonetheless do a lot of magical tricks to help you in your creative quest to do VFX - Visual Effects!

PD Artist 9  is built on the same super-fast core engine as the one used in PD Pro 9, Howler edition, and thus benefits from interface improvements, multithreading, SSE2 acceleration, speed enhancements and other optimizations found there.

PD Artist does go beyond its little cousin (PD Particles), which is primarily there for painting. PD Artist includes many more filters and tools for special effects. It also includes a 3D pipeline for rendering a variety of things such as natural looking terrains and fictitious landscapes, typically based on one or several currently loaded images, from the Main image to the Swap image and even to an image in the custom brush.
Your initial image can be a simple black and white or greyscale of dimples and dots or grids, squares and more sophisticated patterns. It can also be plasma-based noisy elevation maps. What you can create from it are a variety of scenes with mountains, endless landscapes that tile and repeat forever until disappearing in the distant fog, or simply make awesome 3D logos too. It's all starting with an image, whether it's something you painted yourself, or rendered in another 3D program, or something that you photographed. Pixels are pixels, and the brighter they are, the higher up in elevation they'll appear. The dark ones will define the lower elevations, such as valleys and canyons, river beds and an  abbyss at the edge of your planetary vision.

PD Artist also includes a great set of brushes for various natural looking, painted medias, including effects like sophisticated pigment lifting(!).  This helps in simulating translucent watercolor. You can add paper texture to be revealed through your brush strokes, like in real water colors when painting on rough paper.

And of course Dogwaffle's Particle brushes, which include the original Optipustics, perfect for grass and weeds, as well as the crazy Orbicles, which are orbiting 3D swarms of pixels that follow the mouse and leave trails. PD Artist also now has the amazing Foliage brushes. Those are more advanced and consist of not just one rule for particles, but multiple rules, up to 9. Each rule can define the size, direction, color and other parameters of a full tree, from the trunk to the big branches to thinner branches, twigs and leaves and flowers on top. Draw a single brush stroke, and see a full bush or tree created right in front of your eyes, following your mouse direction and speed as well as undergoing its own transformation with gravity, shading and even image-based force fields for even crazier deformation!

To see and learn more about all PD Artist releases and its many features, start here - the full presentation.

  • Be sure to join our mailing list to stay informed through our sporadic Newsletter with new tutorials and releases, free updates, presets such as brushes, landscapes, trees, skies, backgrounds and other content, and upgrades and special offers.

WOW! New Slide show - with Howler and Artist, and some new v10/v11 artwork

Installing and Discovering PD Artist 11.4 - Giveaway of the Day Edition 2018

Having trouble installing it?

We took a few notes as we installed it after downloading it. Check this for details

Tutorials and Videos

First steps: Getting started with PD Artist 11

Trees and brushes and mountains, oh my new!

This is not your Moon!... This is my cup of coffee!

More tutorials son PD Artist (and Howler)

Hundreds of video tutorials on our main channel on YouTube:

(Look for the many Playlists too, such as the River Canyon tutorials. Some are specifically on PD Artist)

Playlist on PD Artist  

(but please don't limit yourself just to this - many more tutorials on Howler can be useful for techniques in PD Artist too)

This below is a 5-part video made with upcoming version PD Howler 10. Much of what you see on painting can also be applied in same or similar ways to PD Artist

Timelapse, part1- a nature painting experiment

Timelapse, part2 - the language of the wind

Timelapse, part3 - the language of the trees

Timelapse, part4 - the language of the birds

Timelapse, part5 -Andersen

And here is yet another, 3-part series, this time with narration:

Painting on landscapes - part 1: the initial background mountains and foreground hills

Painting on landscapes - part 2: focus on sky with clouds

Painting on landscapes - part 3: Foliage brushes for distant trees and bushes

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