My Installation of PD Artist GOTD Edition

Don't open the file, don't run it from inside the zip or browser.

Save the downloaded file. Avoid download accelerators.

Extract the files from the downlaoded zip file. Typically into a folder of the same name (without the ".zip" of course)

Make sure it's all there. Look around. I count 3 files. You'll want to read the readme.txt. I recommend Notepad++ for that.

The big file is where the actual PD Artist installer from project dogwaffle is embedded, but you'll start with the smaller Setup.exe to validate that it's still ok.

Ok, double-click the Setup.exe file, or right-click it and use Open

You'll see this from the GOTD wrapper

Please read and accept the EULA.
We like to keep it simple and fun. We had fun. Why should you be deprived of it?

Select the installation path. The folder should not be the same as a prior install if you want to keep them safe or separate.

The default is probably fine. Click Next...

You'll want that desktop shortcut. Enable it

ready? click Install

preparing and starting the installation

Some of it was built with Visual C++ 2017 - hence the runtime redictributanle...

some modules were build with Visual Studio C++ 2010, so that redistributable is also included.

Various things get installed: brushes, media, textures, patterns...

various executables... main executable of the program is dogwaffle.exe,
but there are also a bunch of addons and plugins,
 such as the ImageMagick converter, and some audio media player.
There's even a small video game. Just fund stuff.

patterns for paper textures and other uses.

even 3D Obj files of trees.

Final stage: registering a few files.

Ready to launch! Make sure the Launch checkbox is enabled, click Finish, start waffling.

This may have popped up early on but I only saw it after installation and the last installation window closed.

Click Close, all done.  Feel free to change options/checkboxes as you prefer.

time to take a dip. play, draw, waffle, ...See what's possible
or go straight to upgrade to Howler to add animation/video tools