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  Fine-Tuning Controls for your Sliders

We have made changes to the look and functionality of slider that are used to enter numeric values. Now, you'll see a clickable item to the right side of the slider. The '<' and the '>' characters represent 'decrease' and 'increase' respectively, in small single units.

<<< For example, the Size, Opacity or other values and other parameters on the Brush Settings (Options) that use a slider to set the value and can now be fine-tuned in this manner.

Another example: a stored and managed custom brush, where you can more precisely set the exact desired value, for example for the rotation angle by which to turn the brush image.

                            adjutsments to slider values

In some cases, it was at times difficult to set a precisely desired value, such as to reset a slider back to zero default condition, if the range of the slider was large and included both a negative and positive range, i.e. had the zero value in the midle or thereabouts, but the slider's width (in pixels) was short. This new feature should remedy this situation.

Note that for external plugins such as some filters, we needed to recompile them with the new slider code. It is possible that we missed one. If you catch one that doesn't use the new design yet, please don't keep it a secret, please let us know about it so that we may try to fix it for future builds.