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Foliage Presets

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July 2012 - Free Foliage Presets

This is a free collection of presets for foliage. If you have one of the pre-releases or early releases of PD Pro 8 Howler, you may want to add these presets to your installation folder's Particles subfolder.

Download this file and save it to your desktop:

----- Requirements: ------------------------------

You need PD Pro 8, Howler or Artist edition, or a later version that supports the .fol foliage files.

----- Content:  -------------------------------------
This is a zip archive file containing 80 files ending in .fol (for foliage).

----- To  use it:  ------------------------------------

The zip file contains .fol files that need to be copied into the 'Particles' subfolder inside your current installation folder of PD Pro 8. For example, if your installation lives here:

    C:\Program Files(x86)\Howler

Then you should already have a subfolder named Particles in it:

    C:\Program Files(x86)\Howler\Particles

Navigate to that subfolder. Extract the .fol files into it.

Then relaunch PD Pro 8 and access the foliage system's presets. Enjoy!

After copying the files into the Particles subfolder, find the new .fol files :  (click image to enlarge)

                    copying foliage files

Using the presets: Load...

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