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musical kitty by Cybersign


animated particle brushes
in 'Glow' style:
              particle brushes


animated with
particle brushes:
animated with particle brushes

More Particle Brushes:
PD Particles
Particle Physics
Optipustics as of v2.1
Alpha support
waving in the Breeze
Download free
brush presets
Age Decrement effect
Painting under the influence...
of Force fields!

Tutorial:  FF
(Force Fields)

chicken by Martin Duerr

More Penny Paint:
Penny overview
Penny User Guide
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First appearance in v2

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morning cereal evolvedFollow us through a daily collection of tutorials, just a few minutes of video tutorials each day hosted on Youtube. Please be sure to 'LIKE' us :-)

  This started as a daily dose of exploratory fun with PD Howler, a daily dose of waffling and howling. Don't know where to start?  Start here on YouTube:

Earlier Videos such as from PD Pro 5 and other tools can also be seen here:

Recent Additions:pigment profiles and color mixing

v8: Pigment Profiles new!
v8: Custom brushes new!
v8: Enhanced 3D tools & lighting FX new!
v8: New brush effects new!
v8: Various new features in broomhead new!
v8: removing the neighbours from the duck pond new!
v8: meteor impact new!

Intro to PD Pro 7.1 Howler - what's new?

PD Pro 7.2 Howler: MPM   

Motion Prediction Module (new in 7.2)
new! motion prediction - cactus walkthrough
(this is a multi-part mini-series)

3d logotrumpte 3d animationmountain scene
                          fly-through with motion predictionterrain fly-through 3D
                          animation slowed down 10x


Tracking, Stabilizing, Rotoscoping, Travelling Mattes image
                        stabilizer travelling matte
The Enhanced Curve Tool new!

potpourri 1
Potpourri with Euphoria (Funky Music) HOT!

gradient fill tool
Gradient Fill

3D Designer HOT!

Exposure Sheet, Lip Synching, Traditional Animation

A new style for the phonemes in the Exposure sheet  new!
Drawing the last phoneme, by Nic Boone

                        to orbicles

Welcome to Orbicles - a First Look

Space Art

Edible Planets - part 1 edible planets - from food to
                        space art
Edible Planets - part 2
Edible Planets - part 3
Edible Planets - part 4 (retake)
Edible Planets - part 5
Edible Planets - part 6
Edible Planets - part 7 (recording failed, sorry)
Edible Planets - part 8  new!

Star Light, Star Bright... Starry Skies new!cooffee planet

Coffee Planet - it's ok to play with your food!

Space Clouds - Layering & Combining  

Planet uh-oh cool!
morning cereal turns into a planet
Morning Cereal Has Evolved cool!

Special Mention:
Danas Anis' Review, how to combine 2
Danas ANis

Mini-series on Painting:  analogous colors

new! Analogous Colors
new! Complementary colors

Episode 26(e) - Sea Sponge painting  
Episode 26(d) - Dan's custom color mixers   
Episode 26(c) - Mark's colors - virtually real 
Episode 26(b) - Painting an Orange     Mark's
                          color palette
Eposide 26(b+)  Picture in a picture
Eposide 26(b++) more Picture in a picture

A mini-series on animation tools:

new! Episode 25(f) - Animation 106 - Animated Swap Buffer from DWA file
Episode 25(e) - Animation 105 - using Drop-Magenta for animation 
Episode 25(e) - Animation 105 - using Drop-Magenta for animation narrated!
Episode 25(d) - Animation 104 - Introduction to Drop Magenta    

Mini-series on Spritesheets:

Episode 24(e) - Spritesheets 105   new!
spritesheetsEpisode 24(d) - Spritesheets 104      
Episode 24(c) - Spritesheets 103    
Episode 24(b) - Spritesheets 102  
Episode 24(a) - Spritesheets 101

a Daily Blitz:  the Linear Alpha Fader     special feature!

                          style portrait
Break - Speed Painting the Archaic Style Portrait 

Episode 22 - Misty Church and God rays  
Episode 22(b) - How to add plugins: non-uniform scaling sorry, audio troubles
Episode 20 - the 2-2-2: Two Textures, Two Shapes, and  too much fun!
Episode 21 - Particle Brushes and Penny Paint  

more rocky textures
Episode 19(a) - Gradients for Rock textures part1  
Episode 19(b) - Gradients for Rock textures part 2
Episode 19(c) - more rocky textures, with Z-nose!

Episode 18(a) - Adding Rain with AnyFX PD from Pixelan (part 1)  AnyFX!
Episode 18(b) - Rain with AnyFX PD from Pixelan (part 2)    AnyFX!

Episode 17(a) - Painting Clouds and Skies (part 1)
Episode 17(b) - Painting Clouds and Skies (part 2)

Episode 16(a) - Placing Leaves along a branch (part 1)
Episode 16(b) - Placing Leaves along a branch (part 2) 
Episode 16(b) - Placing Leaves along a branch (part 3) 

Episode 15(a) - Installing Pixelan's AnyFX for PD (part 1)  AnyFX!
Episode 15(b) - Discovering AnyFX for PD (part 2)  AnyFX!

snowy mountains
Episode 14(a) - Let it snow some more 
Episode 14(b) - Let it snow some more (part 2)
Episode 14(c) - Let it snow even more  (part 3)
Episode 13 - Let it snow!

Episode 12(a) - Fill it up! (part 1)
Episode 12(b) - Fill it up! (part 2)
Episode 10(a) - Stormy Seas at Sunset (part 1)
Episode 10(b) - Stormy Seas at Sunset (part 2)
Episode 0F - and even more Animated Curve magic
Episode 0E - The Curve tool revisited
Episode 0D - Discovering Brush strokes & paths    
Episode 0C - Working with Stored Selections (Alpha masks)  
Episode 0B - Space Art: Working with Stored Brushes
Episode 0A - Mystic Vision, Shadow Vision (part 2)
Episode 09 - Filter magic: Mystic Vision, Shadow Vision (part 1)
Episode 08 - Color pickers, Turkey basters, what's the difference?...
Episode 07 - The Stored Image, Brush and Selection
Episode 06 - Mirror Mode
Episode 05 - Symmetrical Mode Painting
Episode 04 - The big 3 Thumbnails
Episode 03 - Fade Last Action (no pun intended)
Episode 02 - (forget it, I'm still learning - that one was a dud LOL)
Episode 01 - Interface Basics, Program Settings, Tools Layout

There's much more to come!

Here are some more ideas of what may be coming next - in any order and who knows when - Coming Soon to a pixel near you! If you have a question about a feature, contact us and we'll cover it in a future Daily Dose!

coming soon - Perspective 3D (textures rock!)
coming soon - Tunnel Vision
coming soon - The Lighting tool
coming soon - The Swap buffer: Combine, Compose, Displace
coming soon - Swap buffer: Rub through
coming soon - Text me!
coming soon - Text to Alpha
coming soon - Text to Animated brush
coming soon - Animated brushes
coming soon - Working with Video - basic animation
coming soon - Painting with Video
coming soon - Lip Synching and the Exposure Sheet
coming soon - General File Converter
coming soon - Batch Conversion
coming soon - Raw and other special formats

coming soon - Lua Scripting - the Swiss Flag
coming soon - Programming the Dog - say Woof!
coming soon - Filters Gallore
coming soon - Filters Gallore (2)
coming soon - Filters Gallore (3)
coming soon - Animated Filters
coming soon - Animated Filters (2)
coming soon - Lightning
coming soon - Lensflares
coming soon - Blue screen of Life


Other Tutorials:
Taming the Broomhead
PD Howler
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PD Pro 4
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Also watch this:

the english gentleman:
the english gentleman

Desert Heat
Animated Swap Buffer carries a displacement map of turbulent rising air.

See the whole tutorial (made with PD Pro 4)

Frame Painter

Animation Tutorials
Frame Painter: Making animations from just a few frames
AVI video clip to Animated Brush
Saving to Animated GIF
Dark Snow
Animated Screensaver

Sky Painting:

Sky Painting
Add Trees with
Particle Brushes:


Using AnyFX PD:
Rain effects by AnyFX from Pixelan

Create rocky textures:
eroded rocks

inside the church:
misty church starting
click for larger version,
use as free Wallpapers:
misty church with God

Free add-on plugins
for non-uniform scaling
Scale Horizontally
Scale Vertically

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