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professional human figure & 3D creature modeling, posing, dressing and rigging for animation, illustration and games
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"I'm n-sided!..."

I'm n-sided!

Introducing 'Quidam'

N-Sided introduces its 3D human generator and art creation program for modeling, posing, dressing and decorating digital humans and other creatures for your needs in game, illustration, Anime/Manga, cartooning, art composition and as a companion for entry-level to professional high-end  2D and 3D animation tools.

This is not just another posing tool. QUIDAM is aimed much more at the professional animators who also need to quickly create new characters. There is a whole lot more emphasis on creating and modeling the human figure, in addition to customizing and posing existing ones. QUIDAM is focused on creating original models and on intuitive redesign through sculpting of models freely available for download that serve as starting points for your next Manga character, your artwork's digital beauty or your game's super hero. You will create new persons, customize & sculpt existing models and send them, complete and readily skinned with bones, uv-mapped textures, normal maps and more, to your favorite professional animation tools..

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New! Screen capture videos are now available. Discover the power of Quidam's elegant user interface - it is nothing short of revolutionary!

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Here's A first look at using your own models:
 imported from Wavefront .obj format

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Coming soon: using Quidam with your favorite 2D & 3D tools...
There are so many ways to use Quidam. Even as a means to create digital humans to practice your figure drawing skills! Just create the desired pose, render and print, then use that for drawing and sketching.

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