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  PD Artist 11.2b - Feeding Frenzy

   Celebrating 20 years of Project Dogwaffle

now based on PD Pro 11 

& delightfully affordable

PD                                  Howler also supports animation &                                  videoPD                                  Howler also supports animation &                                  video  

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PD Artist 11.2b is now available. This is a free update for v11. If you ordered v11 from our BMTmicro store, simply re-use the download links to get the new full installer, RC94.

You can learn a lot about v11.2b from the corresponding PD Howler 11.2b update. Simply ignore any part that refers to tools for animation. Ignore the Particle Modeler, which is in the Animation category of the Filters.

If you're new to PD Artist, here's a summary of what it offers:

This is the Artist edition of Project Dogwaffle, derived from the big brother, Howler edition, which also includes tools for animation or working on video clips.  PD Artist lacks that animated part, but it includes tools for 3D terrain/landscape modeling (such as filters for erosion and coloring based on slope and elevation, and the 3D Designer) and rendering tools (Puppy Ray, especially new new enhanced GPU version). PD Artist is great for creating stunning landscapes and painting with foliage brushes for added rich content. It also still supports animated brushes.

For details about PD Artist check the description for PD Howler 11 and ignore tools for animation/video work.

What is PD Artist? See a summary of features and tools here!


Here's another look at main features:

And here's a look at recently added very cool tools and features:

A good way to see what else is in PD Artist is to look at PD Howler's details and ignore animation features:

First dibble dabbles: paint with Particle brushes.
Check the First steps described earlier in v11.1