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Array to Animation
How to convert an image array or spritesheet into an animation

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Converting the animation back to Spritesheet

If you stored a safe copy you can easily click the meny below the stored thumbnail and restore it. But if you didn't here's one way you can too: using one of the utilities from the DoggyFX plugins.

Find your version of DoggyFX in the "Misc." tab of the plugins panel.

Double-click it to launch DoggyFX

Select the Utilities group, and double-click the tool called

Anim to Spritesheet

If the image is already in Spriteform, there's not much this tool can do. Rows and Columns will remain at zero:

< click to enlarge

But if you've got the animation loaded, in this case the 16-frame sequence of numbers, it will offer to reconstruct a Sprite Sheet in a 4-by-4 array.

< click to enlarge

Plus, you can use Undo to return to the animated format if it was converted to spritesheet with the "Save Undo" option checked.

Finally, here's an example with the 30-frame walk sequence

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