you can fly!? Experimenting with PD Particles...


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Here's another quick exercise with changing parameters in particle brushes.

Let's start with the 'Roots' preset.

One or two brush strokes, and we see a bunch of, well... roots.

Change a few parameters...

Reduce the Lifespan. Each branch from split to split gets accordingly shorter.

Increase the number of Splits to add some more complexity.

Randomize by Value.... increase it to 2 or more and see the bush get more and more 'prickley' . Using a larger split angle can also help.

This preset uses 'Shrinking Lines'. Play with the 'Size' slider too.  It sets the initial size from where they shrink.

progressive fog in use

Reduce the Max particles count if there are too many branches.

Here we also changed the color gradient. Specifically, we worked on the opacity channel. The gradient starts at full opacity, and then suddenly drops down to almost transparent, i.e. very low opacity. The 'branches' thus appear even thinner.

You can also make the drop of opacity coincide with a drastic change in color, so that it conveys even more the impression of a different part, i.e. small branches vs. big trunk.

Can you guess what parameter(s) are changing here from left to right?

It's the number of splits.

What else?

Check the numbers, try variations. If it's 2 am, keep going,....