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Press Shift
to stop particle emissions

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Here's a neat little trick when painting with particles: if at any time you wish to stop the emission of new particles.....

Press & hold SHIFT to finish the current particles to their  completion. No new particles appear.

Those particles which have already been started will continue until they reach the end of their lifespan. But no new particles will be emitted.

This is very useful when you're drawing long grass and there is sudden color changes at the end of the particles when new particles take over. Especially if the end of the trails is very transparent (low opacity in the gradient) and the start of the new particles is very opaque, even perhaps using shrinking lines as the Style.

You don't want the beginning of a new grass tufts that dangles at the end of the prior ones, like it shows in this example. The gradient goes from dark blue to light blue, white grey and black, using shrinking lines and reduction of opacity.

top brush stroke:  new particles appearing in part

bottom example:  no new particles, the last ones are finished to completion, that's it.

Using SHIFT, you can tell Project Dogwaffle's particles to finish painting the current particles to the end of their Lifespan, but not to paint new ones.

In this example, drawing from left to right, the top brush stroke didn't use SHIFT. It can in some cases be useful for finishing the tip of a branch with a bud. Or to make it look like it's been broken off.

In general you'll want to get a clean ending though, like in this case, where we pressed SHIFT near the end of the brush stroke and waited until the existing particle trails finished cleany.