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How to personalize your Dogwaffle

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New v1.5
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How to run
on a Mac:

parallels desktop for Mac

redefining the meaning of window-shopping on a Mac

If you take a look closely at this screenshot of PD Pro 4, you'll notice that the background bitmap has been altered. Instead of the default slate-grey color we picked a sky picture to use as the background image.

customize your background wallpaper

access the options and settings from the settings menu

Look for the Settings/Preferences submenu in the File menu:

In earlier versions of PD Pro (v3.5) and PD 2.1 the option was called 'Prefs' (as in Preferences)

In PD Pro 4, select

menu: File>Settings

Select the Interface tab in the top left of the Program settings dialog window.
select the Interface tab

In the Interface dialog you can click the button for 'Background bitmap' to select a Jpeg or Bitmap (BMP) image file containing your desired image.

In this example, we have a bunch of skye & cloud images which were taken with the 2-Megapixel camera of my cellphone, the Samsung Sync.

Now your Dogwaffle background has been customized - your own image is used in the background:

Note that you can also change the bitmp used by the dialog windows (panels). In that case however you'll want to be careful not to use dark text and dark images. If the select bitmap image is dark use light colors for the text parts.

For example, in this case above we used a different image with lighter cloud patterns so that the text in black remained easy to read.

Once you have made your changes and you're satisfied with them, be ssure to cloick 'Save' so they remain in effect:

Now you can paint all day long and still see a glimpse of your favorite wallpaper image inside Dogwaffle.

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into 3D: draw a shape, and see it
automatically turn it into 3D
simply trace a shape from a backdrop image, and see it turn into 3D
cool tool for rapid 3D model creation and prototyping from images

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