you can fly!? Make Seamless & add Lensflare

Another look at the 'make seamless' brush tool and new lens flares from PD Pro 4.1

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Here's another look at using the tool from the Brush menu: Make Seamless.

Let's say we start with a picture loaded from an image file. Perhaps another sky&clouds photo:

We could have loaded the image into the brush drectly, as a custom brush. Or, you can pick it all up: the entire image is selected by default, so use:

menu: Brush > Use selected as brush

As soon as you have an image loaded as the custom brush, you can use the tool to make it into a seamless brush.

Brush > Make seamless...
Note that you could use that even if the desired image is not yet the one in the custom brush:  If the desithed image is in the main buffer, check the option 'Use buffer'

The display immediately shows the preview of the resulting seamless image.

You could increase the Trim x & Trim y slider values for bigger overlap fading segments.

By default, the resulting image will have trimmed the overlapping parts away, resulting in a smaller new image in the brush.

If you don't want the new seamless image to shrink in size, check the option: Keep original size

The custom brush will be updated when you click OK. In additional, Dogwaffle asks if you also want to replace the main buffer's image with the new, seamless texture image.

If the original image was much larger than the screen can fit, chances are it still is. Use

Fit the image into the window

(or function ey F4) to see the entire image.

You might want to expand the dynamic range of the image. That way you'll get better color range utilization, reducing the washed out apearance of some images after blending to make them seamless.

Look for

Expand dynamic range

in the Image menu (formerly Buffer menu)

Adding Lens Flares

Right-click the linear tool. It's next to the Text tool in version 4. It was part of the Line tool in v3 and earlier versions.

Select the new Lens flare....  tool

Select a preset or fiddle with the thousands of parameters to adjust the flares to your liking

Before applying the lens flares:  if the background sky image is farly bright, it might be a bit too bright for you to see the lens flares. Better use the Value filter to adjust and reduce the brightness a little:

menu: Filter > Adjust > Value...

Here's a much darker version of the sky:

And, if the image came from a high-resolution digital camera, it might be much larger than what you want if you intend to use it in a web page. Use the resample tool in the Image menu.

check 'Constrain' to keep the same aspect ratio...

  ...and end the new desired width.

ANother thing you should probably use is a blur filter if you plan on using the image as a background wallpaper. This helps in identifying your many icons on the desktop as they stay crisp and in focus while the background image is off focus and blurred and doesn't distract from the icons.

Then apply the lens flare.

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