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Load to Stored Image
pre-loading multiple images for faster workflow
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One of the new features found in PD Pro 4 is 'Load to stored image'.This new function is found in the Import submenu of the File menu.

Storing an image is not new to Project Dogwaffle. It's been possible for a long time to store an existing image that was already in the image buffer. That is done from the Image menu (formerly called the Buffer menu).   It's also recently been possible to use a stored image directly as a source for the color picker. [see more tutorials]

A stored image resides in memory and is ready to be used in several ways.

Now it's possible to open an image file directly into the stored state.
When you select  the menu:

    File > Import > Load to stored image...

you're presented with a file selection dialog.

Select the desired image. Click Open.

PD Pro loads the image directly into the stored image system. A thumbnail appears, whcih can be resized. You will also see the color-picker mode in its lower left corner.

This is a  quick way to use any image as a color palette immediately.

storm cloud courtesy of Klipsi
The Functions... menu at the bottom of the stored image thumbnail offers a variety of tools and ways to use that image. You can paste the image back into the main image buffer. You can paste it in a centered way too, or scaled to fit the buffer size. You can also combine it in various modes such as additive, subtractive etc...

Some options also allow the image to be transfered directly into the Alpha channel.

Finally, you can extract individual channels such as red, green or blue and load them into the image buffer.

There are many ways to use stored images. If you have a bunch of images which will be used in a composition, it's convenient to load them all in their respective stored placeholders.

photos courtesy of Klipsi