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Multiple Layered Styles
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    part 1   -   part 2   -   part 3 

As soon as you've dropped the style above the default layer, a new layer is created. The Style layers area now shows the original Default Layer at the bottom, and a newly added layer above it, named after the style you dropped there: Dark Chalk with Pencil.

Two parameters also are shown, for the selected layer:
  • Layer mixing mode is 'Normal' by default
  • Layer opacity is 100% by default

Try for example reducing the opacity. Place the cursor inside  the value box showing the 100% opacity. It is a slider that you can drag and adjust sideways.

With this you can adjust the dominance of this layer, perhaps to allow some of the lower image's layer to show through as well. It can get you a nice blended mix of both styles.

The prior example  shows it at 85% opacity. Next, below, you see it's effect with 65% opacity. The scope of the chalk and pencil style is clearly reduced, as you're starting to regain some of the reflective/metallic  original 3D rendered look.

Here it is a 42% opacity:

And finally here's a look at just 22% opacity, where only little of the Chalk and Pencil style remains noticeable.

Finally, there's also that other layer control parameter: the layer's blending mode. The default is set to 'Normal', which means that the layer acts as an opaque color replacer (still subject of course to what the opacity value says).

Notice the many possible values in this menu.

This is a great place to explore and learn what you can do to your original picture, whether it's a photograph, a 3D rendering or other CG illustrations. So many different looks and appearances can be obtained just by changing the blending mode and opacity of these two layers.

    part 1   -   part 2   -   part 3 


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