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Start by creating a new Project from the File menu, or double-clicking the 'New' icon in the Projects tab. You will probably already find yourself in a new project the moment you start the program.

amapi-spacesuit-240.jpgFind an interesting image and add (Insert) it to the collection for this project. If you can't think of any, perhaps you have a 3D program handy, such as Carrara, Poser, DAZ Studio or Amapi, in which you might find an interesting 3D model or scene from its presets. Render one of those in a plain and simple style, perhaps with a little reflection and environment map. Here's an example from a spacesuit model that was included with Amapi 6.1. (click to view and download the larger version at 800x600)

You can do that in two ways. From the File menu, select

File > Load image...

You can also use the 'Insert' key as a shortcut.

Another nifty way is to use the icon in the lower left where the objects are listed.

part 1   -   part 2   -   part 3


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