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  Dogwaffle on Sa le

Making affordable digital painting solutions for your PC even more affordable!

PD Particles is great for quick
                                    painting, drawing and sketchingPD ArtistPD Howler also supports digital
                                    painting, animation & video, 3D
                                    and visuall effects

Is Project Dogwaffle 2020 (v13) on Sale?

Click the link below to see how much you can save today.

  If you have a discount code for even better savings, enter it on the next order form.
If you have an earlier version and want a better discount code, contact us, just ask.

regular price: $79
click here - Order PD Howler 2020 (v13)

regular price:  $47
click here - Order PD Artist 2020 (v13)

1. Find the box, enter your discount code
2. click outside, the box
3. see your discount price

discover PD Howler   |  see a slideshow 
learn more about PD Artist  |  what is PD Artist?

Still also available, not the latest but still some of the greatest:

Earlier releases , a little cheaper now - but with a good discount coupon, you might as well stay current and go with the latest version mentioned above.


Order PD Howler 2019 (v12)

Order PD Artist 2019 (v12)


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Order from Dan Ritchie directly: 

ORDER directly from Dan Ritchie


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